Electronic invoice system- Create a transparent, equal and favorable environment for economic development

On April 21, 2022, in Hanoi, the General Department of Taxation held a ceremony to announce the nationwide electronic invoice system. The ceremony to announce the national e-invoice system was held online at 477 bridge points (at the General Department of Taxation, 63 provinces and cities and 413 bridge points of tax offices).

At the bridge point of the General Department of Taxation, attending the announcement ceremony was Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, Minister of Finance Ho Duc Phuc, Director General Cao Anh Tuan and delegates performed the ceremony to activate the national e-invoice system

Speaking at the announcement ceremony, Finance Minister Ho Duc Phuc said that the e-invoice system will contribute to creating an equal, transparent and favorable business environment for people and businesses. increase labor productivity and successfully implement the National Digital Transformation Strategy.

According to Minister Ho Duc Phuc, the announcement and put into operation of 2 digitization applications in March 2022 including an electronic portal for foreign suppliers earning income from Vietnam and the deployment of digital applications. Using EtaxMobile, the tax industry has provided more optimal choices for taxpayers and improved tax management efficiency for e-commerce activities, declaring and paying taxes electronically via smartphones. or tablet.

The Minister emphasized that, with the continuous introduction of tax management digitization applications, and the results of phase 1 e-invoice deployment in 6 localities, although it has only been deployed in a short time, but Up to now, all organizations and businesses that are operating, generating revenue and using completed paper invoices have switched to using electronic invoices. Technical infrastructure is also always ensured smoothly during the implementation process in 6 provinces and cities.

“It can be affirmed that the success in implementing phase 1 e-invoices is an important foundation and premise for the implementation of phase 2 e-invoices nationwide, ensuring uniformity. , uniformity and comprehensive coverage of e-invoices”- said the Minister.

According to the General Department of Taxation, up to now, all organizations and businesses in 6 provinces and cities implementing phase 1 have converted to using electronic invoices. For corporations and corporations that need to connect and send e-invoice data directly to tax authorities, the General Department of Taxation has organized the connection with corporations and corporations that have business activities. nationwide such as Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), Vietnam Oil Corporation (PVOIL), GAS Petrolimex Corporation, Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Bao Joint Stock Corporation Petrolimex Insurance,…

Tax authorities have received and processed over 58 million invoices; in which, 44 million invoices with codes have been sent to tax authorities; invoice without code sending full data to tax authorities is over 5.5 million invoices; The invoice without code sent according to the summary table to the tax agency is 8.6 million invoices.

To continue implementing the roadmap for implementing e-invoices in phase 2, the General Department of Taxation has selected a number of qualified e-invoice service providers to authorize the issuance of e-invoice codes in schools. Synthesize the system of tax authorities having problems, meet the regulations on authorization of invoicing, supplementing reports to summarize the progress of implementation, report on data consolidation and complete utilities to facilitate more for taxpayers and tax officials when using the software.

In addition, the General Department of Taxation has also reviewed and supplemented the technical infrastructure capacity to serve the implementation of phase 2 e-invoices in 57 provinces and cities from April 2022 and continued to carry out the procedures to equipment, upgrading technical infrastructure to meet data reception requirements when corporations and corporations deploy e-invoices and 63 provinces and cities simultaneously deploy.

“The ceremony to announce the national activation of the e-invoice system is an important milestone in promoting the digital transformation process not only for the tax industry, but also for businesses and people. Therefore, I believe that the implementation of e-invoices will be welcomed and enthusiastically supported by organizations, enterprises, business households and individuals.

We believe that the electronic invoice system will contribute to creating a fair, transparent and favorable business environment for people and businesses, increasing labor productivity and successfully implementing the Transformation Strategy. number of countries”, emphasized the Minister of Finance.

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