ElectraMeccanica SOLO – 3-wheel electric scooter, 1 seat, priced at 421 million VND

6 years ago, the Canadian electric vehicle company ElectraMeccanica bravely launched the model market Electric ElectraMeccanica SOLO with the promise of making urban traffic easier, more convenient and more comfortable.The company’s flagship product, a sample ElectraMeccanica SOLO 3 wheeler, a seat called SOLO was introduced a few years ago, and then remained silent until now.In a new announcement, ElectraMeccanica says that it will begin shipping the first SOLO shipments to buyers from October 4, 2021, with the cars being co-produced with Chinese partner Zongshen Industrial Group. .After hitting this milestone, the Canadian electric vehicle maker will steadily increase production to meet any committed pre-orders.SOLO electric cars have been assembled in the past, but those cars are for testing purposes, marketing, showcase events. Therefore, the number of cars that will be delivered in early October will be the first genuine customer cars from the assembly plant.The 1-seat ElectraMeccanica SOLO has been designed around the idea that most cars used in the city for daily commutes carry only one person. To save space and cut costs, ElectraMeccanica proposed a 3-wheeler with good range, a certain cargo space, only 1 seat inside a self-contained car-like cabin, and aptly called SOLO. Because it is legally classified as a motorcycle or moped, the SOLO EV has the right to use the HOV lane. With a maximum speed of 129 km / h, it can also completely move on the highway without worrying about interfering with ordinary cars.Its range when fully charged is estimated at 161 km, and it also comes equipped with certain safety features similar to cars, such as front and rear deformation zones, collision protection. side touch, anti-roll frame, and torque limiter control system.Price of ElectraMeccanica SOLO has a price of 18,500 USD (equivalent to 421 million VND) and is still accepting orders. In early September 2021, the Canadian electric vehicle company also announced plans for a dedicated freighter version, called the SOLO Cargo EV, but did not provide delivery or pricing estimates.Video: Introducing the electric car ElectraMeccanica SOLO.


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