Effective digital transformation in external information work

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Thi Thu Hang said that over the years, implementing the foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, friendship, cooperation and development, diversification, multilateralization and proactiveness. and actively integrating into the world, Vietnam has affirmed its increasing role and position in the region and the world. Vietnam is also trusted and nominated by international friends to host, organize many major international conferences and undertake many important international responsibilities.

Those successes are achieved first of all thanks to the direct, regular and close guidance of the Party and State leaders, the close coordination of ministries, departments, branches and localities, the proactive implementation of , positive, creative, above and below consensus of the diplomatic service; at the same time, it also has an important contribution of external information work, contributing to maintaining a bright picture of international public opinion about Vietnam in recent years.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Thi Thu Hang.

Up to this point, it can be affirmed that digital transformation is no longer a new concept, a new trend, but has become a reality, an indispensable requirement in most areas of life, including the foreign information sector.

Deeply aware of the importance of applying digital transformation to external information work, over the past time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has actively implemented many measures and at the same time developed specific plans to promote effectiveness of this work in the future.

It can be said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is one of the leading agencies in applying digital transformation, exploiting and promoting social media in the work of external information and propaganda. Since 2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has initiated and used social networks in propaganda information and up to now, is operating 7 accounts on the most popular platforms such as Facebook (in Vietnamese), Twitter (in Vietnamese), Twitter (in Vietnamese), and Twitter (in Vietnamese). in English), contributing to spreading information to reach more target groups, in more locations, and especially impact on young people.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to adapt to the new situation and turn challenges into opportunities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has proactively deployed a digital platform in foreign information and propaganda activities. Even during the period of social distancing, there has not been a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that has to be postponed or canceled but has been quickly moved to online form.

When foreign activities change to the form of telephonic diplomacy, online conference or half-on-line, half-online form, information and propaganda work is also timely adapted and served. At the 13th Party Congress, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took the initiative to establish an online press center – a “virtual press center” in the context that foreign reporters could not enter Vietnam to report directly.

Overseas Vietnamese representative agencies increasingly focus on implementing external information activities, online promotion such as meetings, press conferences, conferences, seminars to connect domestic and local businesses. Many representative agencies and heads of representative agencies have actively and actively applied social networks in information and propaganda and achieved high efficiency. The Page Vietnam Embassy Delhi page of the Vietnamese Embassy in India reached the milestone of 1 million reads, topping the Google search table for related information.

To further promote the advantages of digital transformation in external information work, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to build, perfect and synchronously deploy its social network ecosystem. This is an initiative built with the aim of bringing information and images about the country’s foreign affairs to a wider range of people in a closer, more accessible “appearance”, suitable in line with the current trend of accessing information on new media.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also focus on building content and presenting messages suitable for the social network environment, in which towards promoting content with images, short clips, infographics, effectively promoting the Diplomats have a certain influence on social networking platforms (KOLs) to spread foreign messages to the people, especially the young generation. Along with investing in information quality and efficiency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also aims to integrate more management, analysis and evaluation tools on social networks to promptly listen to and adjust the expression of information. messages to suit the needs of the public.

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