: Eat a variety, less worry about diseases

Responding to questions related to what to eat nutritious, doctor (BS) specialist II Ma Phuoc Nguyen, Deputy Head of Department of Gastrointestinal Medicine – Cho Ray Hospital (BV), said to eat balanced groups of substances. glucides (starches), protids (proteins), lipids (fats), vitamins and minerals.

Eat enough and reduce salt, abstain from alcohol

According to MSc-Dr. Bui Ngoc An Pha, Medical Director of the Center for Nutrition – Motor Medicine for children and adults Nutrihome, a meal that is too sketchy will not be nutritious enough, for example eating rice with fish. warehouse is not enough. Make sure the meal contains at least 12-15 ingredients. This number is actually not too much, because onions, garlic … are also counted as 1 ingredient. The view of abstaining from some foods when there is an injury, after giving birth is completely wrong, because it is necessary to eat a variety of foods to recover, and abstinence adversely affects the healing process. For example, keloids are caused by local problems and are not related to food.

: Eat more diversity, less worry about diseases – Photo 1.


: Eat more diversity, less worry about diseases – Photo 1.

Healthy nutrition, with all the ingredients, is the simplest recipe for being healthy (Photo: QUANG LIEM)

In times when there is no time, for example not having time to eat breakfast, doctors recommend trying to drink 1 glass of milk. “Milk is a balanced food with ingredients and can coat the gastrointestinal mucosa very well, needed for adults” – Dr. Phuc Nguyen said. According to Dr. An Pha, in addition to calcium, milk also contains up to 40 other important nutrients. Children in puberty sometimes lazy to eat, can compensate by drinking milk every day.

To adjust the salty eating habits that many Vietnamese people often have, Dr. Bui Ngoc An Pha suggests try not to taste in cooking but just use the sauce with just the right amount. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), each person should only eat up to 5 g of salt per day, less than possible (5 g of salt is equivalent to 36 ml of soy sauce).

Alcohol is one of the foods that damage immunity and lead to many diseases that experts advise to avoid. According to Dr. Ma Phuoc Nguyen, the two most common dietary-related diseases that his unit received were acute pancreatitis and cirrhosis, both alcohol-related conditions.

Room Covid-19: Strengthening fruits and vegetables

According to Dr. Nguyen Minh Tien, eating diversity, prioritizing micronutrient supplementation through food is still the first advice to protect yourself against Covid-19. Healthy nutrition, full of ingredients, don’t forget milk, vegetables, fruits, is the simplest recipe to stay healthy during Covid-19 season.

Vitamins A and C are two additional vitamins to keep in mind to help keep the respiratory tract healthy and boost the immune system. Vitamin A not only helps to brighten the eyes but also helps the respiratory tract lining to be healthy. Foods rich in vitamin A are dark green vegetables (broccoli, vegetables …) and fruits, tubers, red, oranges, yellow (gac, pumpkin, tomatoes, carrots ..) .). Foods rich in vitamin C that are easiest to find are citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, lemons …). The apple is the perfect choice, rich in vitamins A and C and has flavonoids, which are antioxidants that help protect the respiratory tract, reduce the risk of cancer.

“Ginger, garlic are spices that help antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and protect the respiratory tract well. Use more yogurt to supplement beneficial bacteria and support the natural bacteria system in the gut” – Dr. Tien emphasized.

Mr. Nguyen Dai Ngoc, Deputy Head of Information, Education and Communication Department – HCMC Food Safety Management Board, advised people to refrigerate all kinds of fruit. This is a safe way of preserving and helps increase the shelf life of the fruit. Before eating, all fruits in water or imported must be washed under running water, salt water can be used or other types of vegetable and fruit washing liquid recognized by the health sector.

Food should be stored in china, porcelain and glass

Mr. Nguyen Dai Ngoc confirmed the health risks if you misuse foam boxes, plastic boxes to store food, this has been warned by studies around the world for a long time. Items to store healthy foods are china, porcelain, and glass. You can bring a glass box with a lid if you want to buy food from outside home or office to eat.

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