Each citizen will have their own doctor to take care of their health

On December 30, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam chaired the Conference on Transforming Health Numbers organized by the Government Office, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Information and Communications. At the conference, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and delegates pressed the button to officially open 3 platforms: Vietnam Medical Connection Network, Personal Health Records, V20 Medical Information Management.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam not only now, but many years ago, the health sector has focused on applying information technology (IT) and many pursues have had clearer results. However, according to the Deputy Prime Minister, in order to take advantage of the 4.0 technology revolution, the health sector “must be more determined, promote the application of IT in every corner of life, and at the same time need to be aware of IT. is an effective and indispensable tool in disease prevention and treatment “.

Opened two important platforms of the health sector, including Vietnam Medical Network and Personal Health Records

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said that the ultimate goal of digital transformation in health is to improve quality health care People, serving the most practical needs of the people, but a very important and practical specific goal of digital transformation in health is to serve management and governance.

“The long-standing dream of the Vietnamese people is that they want to have their health management, or in other words always have their own doctor. Through the fact that each citizen has health records, is well managed. At that time, it was considered that each citizen would be managed by the whole health system. It is a goal, a dream but not unrealistic, only the will that we can completely do “- Deputy Thu General stressed.

Therefore, the medical number transformation plays an important role in health care for the people. With modern technology applications integrated on smartphones, typically a support platform for remote consultation and treatment, people will not have to worry about waiting in long lines at the hospital to wait for medical treatment. online health consultation is available to doctors. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the ultimate goal of the medical number transformation is to provide health care for the people in the absence of a lot of funding. People must know how to prevent and take care of their own health, and at the same time, be automatically consulted by chatbot to prevent diseases.

At this point, in the field of preventive medicine, the Ministry of Health will implement the initiative “each citizen has a doctor”, with the goal that each citizen has a digital record of personal health, on the basis of That is consulted and cared for by the doctor like a private doctor.

Every citizen will have their own doctor to take care of their health - Photo 2.

The Minister of Health and other delegates visited the booths on digital conversion displayed at the conference

According to Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long, in 2020, despite having to fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, the health sector still strives to transform digital, initially recording many encouraging results. The Minister of Health affirmed that the health sector does not set targets in terms of quantity but aims to the most important goal to better serve the people, access more convenient, more convenient and quality services.

Over the past time, the health sector has cooperated with functional agencies to create 98 million personal health records with 42 samples of outpatient medical records, applicable to the entire commune and district level. The Ministry of Health also sets a target from July 1-7-2021, all health facilities nationwide will apply the personal health record system and do not use paper in medical examination, treatment and outpatient treatment; towards paperless medical background. “Health workers spend a lot of time on medical examination and treatment, not for writing paper records” – Mr. Long said.

The Minister of Health said that there are a commune health station with 78 notebooks, at least over 30 in the commune, health workers spend 75% of the day taking notes, only 25% of the time. into professional work. When implementing the grassroots health information management platform V20, the Ministry of Health will operate nearly 11,000 commune health stations, step by step eliminating paper records.

Commune health stations will use a unique software integrating single parts, information will be integrated to the management agency, the Ministry of Health. Through this software, the Ministry of Health will know thoroughly about commune health stations to deploy and perform medical examination. The V20 application will create a comprehensive transformation for approximately 11,000 clinics across the country. Together, the ecosystem of intelligent digital health platforms and solutions will contribute to accelerating the digital transformation of the health sector; towards the goal of better service to the people, more convenient, more convenient and quality medical services.

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