Dual Key Apartment – solution for multi-generational families

Same entrance, but the apartment is divided into two independent spaces, with full amenities suitable for multi-generational families.

Ms. Minh Hanh, a customer in Ho Chi Minh City, is looking for her new home. She said the decision to choose a new home comes from a family with small children, plus older parents who want to live with them.

“The apartment we live in is too small, just enough for a couple and two children to live. Besides, I also want to welcome my grandparents to live with us for convenient care. A new apartment has an area. If you are bigger, privacy will be the right choice at this time, “said Hanh. After a lot of research, the Dual Key apartment type at the Akari City project is the solution that Ms. Hanh chose.

Split space in Dual Key Akari City apartment.

This special apartment was launched by a joint venture between Vietnam and Japan including Nam Long, Hankyu Hanshin, and Nishi Nippon Railroad in Akari City. According to the investor, this is a type of apartment house with many advantages. Same entrance, but when entering, the apartment is divided into two independent spaces with full amenities including bedroom, living room, kitchen and toilet.

Dual Key Akari City with an area of ​​121 m2, is designed into 2 Japanese condos including a 2 bedroom standard 80-square meter Flora apartment, 2 bathrooms for large families and a 40 m2 Flora studio apartment for small families. .

The two living spaces are both emotionally connected but also very private, completely separate. Dual Key handing over complete basic interior, full kitchen and sanitary equipment is being introduced by the investor at the price of 30 million VND per m2.

In addition to the unique point of design, the Dual key apartments in Akari City also inherit the very advantage of the overall project with multi-facilities, potential location, convenient transportation, and prestigious developers. Project by Coteccons as construction contractor.

Perspective pool utility under the project people.

Perspective pool utility inside the project.

Dual Key owner Akari City can use an apartment, the other one, to invest in a homestay business, co-living space, and have an additional source of idle monthly income. Investors easily rent out apartments because they are versatile, easy to access to a variety of segments, meeting the needs and pockets of many people.

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