Drink coffee at this time, you may regret it

Follow Sci-News, New research led by professor Dipayan Biswas from the University of South Florida – USA shows that coffee and other caffeinated beverages not only help you stay awake and excited at work, but also make you become impulsive when you are at work. shopping.

The effects were strongest for people who drank more than two cups of coffee a day, including those consumed right before shopping.

Coffee is good for health but can cause impulse shopping – Illustration from the Internet

New research, conducted at retail stores across different countries and in laboratories, shows that people who drink coffee before shopping spend more and bring back more items they don’t really need. more necessary, regardless of whether they buy directly or through e-commerce platforms.

As a result, some retailers that offer free caffeinated beverages often make unexpected profits.

“Caffeine, as a strong stimulant, releases dopamine in the brain, which helps to energize the mind and body. This leads to a state of higher energy, thereby increasing impulsivity and decreasing self-control. control,” said Professor Biswas.

Dopamine is the hormone known as the “happy hormone”. So coffee might be a good idea if you’re feeling down, but think again if you’re going shopping and looking to spend more wisely.

Professor Biswas and colleagues’ experiments included offering shoppers at certain stores a cup of regular coffee, decaffeinated coffee or water.

The results showed that pre-caffeinated coffee drinkers spent about 50% more money and bought nearly 30% more items than non-caffeinated shoppers. Caffeinated coffee drinkers also bought more non-essentials than other shoppers.

Lab tests for online shoppers yielded similar results, with coffee drinkers tending to make more “impulsive” item choices.

Research just published on Journal of Marketing.

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