Doctor Truong Huu Khanh: Rash after contracting Covid-19, why?

It is a type of rash under the skin, in the form of red papules, which can appear scattered all over the body, more or less depending on the person, usually children do not itch, older children can itch. Sometimes adults also experience it, but less commonly, others do not.

This form of rash is also common in many other viral diseases, such as zika, dengue fever, rubella, or sometimes unknown virus called “typhus”.

The rash caused by Covid-19 is also a convalescent rash, which occurs during the recovery and recovery period like the diseases mentioned above. Only measles is still “on” after coming out for about 4 days.

But that is not the case with Covid-19, when the rash appears, the child is well, other symptoms have disappeared and this rash will clear up on its own, no need to do anything.

Only when the child has a rash and has a high fever again, it is necessary to pay attention and go to the doctor, because it may be a sign that the child has just had another disease, but this rate is also very low.

In the previous strains, there was also a rash in children, because children are more prone to rashes when they have viral fever than adults, but this time Omicron is sick so people notice it, not the rash. is a new symptom.

Depending on the location, not every child has a rash, so don’t be alarmed thinking that if your child doesn’t have a rash, then he won’t recover.

For older children and adults, if the itch is a little tolerable, it’s too much to bear, you can buy and drink common anti-allergy drugs. In a few days this recovery will go away on its own, rest assured that it will not leave any marks on the skin, no harm.

Children often have a rash but are still fresh because they simply do not worry, do not pay attention to the rash or not, so they are not stressed. Adults sometimes worry when they see you. But worry sometimes thinks about unnecessary abstinence, leading to discomfort.

If you have Covid-19 with a rash or not, have a fever or not… there is no need to abstain from bathing or abstaining from air conditioning. The weather is in the hot season, infected with Omicron, some people experience symptoms of sweating a lot. Having to endure the heat and itching due to not taking a bath will make it harder to sleep and tired.

Just take a normal bath, lie in the air conditioner at a moderate temperature (just don’t use it all day, sometimes open the door to get “fresh” air) to be comfortable, sleep, you will feel better soon.

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