Do not take advantage of the COVID-19 epidemic to hoard goods and push up drug prices

Faced with the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in our country, especially Ho Chi Minh City and some provinces and cities, which are complicated, in order to ensure the demand for drugs to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic and drugs to treat other diseases, as well as ensure To ensure drug price stabilization and domestic drug market stability, the Drug Administration of Vietnam, the Ministry of Health requested the Departments of Health of the provinces and centrally-run cities to direct hospitals and medical centers to urgently build develop and implement a drug stockpiling plan, in order to be ready to supply enough drugs, absolutely not to have a shortage of drugs for medical examination and treatment for the people.

The Departments of Health focus on ensuring the availability of adequate and timely supply of drugs on the list of essential drugs to treat COVID-19 patients, especially for drugs with limited supply, little or no license. registered for circulation in Vietnam that are recommended for use in the treatment of COVID-19.

At the same time, directing hospitals and drug business enterprises in the area to implement adequate stockpiling plans and strictly comply with state regulations on drug price management (listing drug prices and selling at listed prices). list and purchase drugs at prices not higher than the announced declared or re-declared prices).

In particular, do not take advantage of the COVID-19 epidemic situation to speculate, hoard goods and push up drug prices. Drug retail establishments within the premises of medical examination and treatment establishments strictly comply with regulations on retail surplus.


The Departments of Health direct hospitals, medical centers, and business establishments to review their capacity to store, transport and receive COVID-19 vaccines for the national vaccination campaign, ready to participate when necessary. requested. Hospitals under the Ministry implement drug stockpiling plans to ensure availability of drugs, avoiding drug shortages for medical examination and treatment for people, especially COVID-19 patients. , strictly comply with regulations on price management.

Drug manufacturers and importers strictly follow the direction of the Drug Administration of Vietnam in Official Letters No. 5742/QLD-KD dated May 21, 2021 and Official Letter No. 6063/QLD-KD dated May 28/ 2021 on ensuring the supply of drugs for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, ensuring the supply of drugs according to the contracts signed with medical examination and treatment facilities.

At the same time, ensure the storage of drugs and medicinal ingredients, keep the distribution system stable, and absolutely do not let the supply chain break. Thoroughly implement epidemic prevention and control measures recommended by the Ministry of Health and required by local authorities. Develop scenarios to concretize COVID-19 prevention and control measures to minimize the spread of disease at factories and offices, and ensure occupational health, safety and hygiene for employees.

For units in epidemic areas, which may be isolated or separated, it is necessary to follow the instructions on response measures at pharmaceutical business establishments during the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control period. For units with cold storage of 2-8 degrees Celsius or deep, it is necessary to review the storage capacity of cold products (medicines, vaccines, biological products) that need to be rearranged and reserved as much as possible. Store COVID-19 vaccines when required.

In case the price of input materials of drugs or imported drugs increases, the company is requested to study and consider reducing other unnecessary costs such as selling expenses, administrative expenses, etc. price stabilization during the COVID-19 pandemic. Strictly implement the declaration, re-declaration and sale of drugs not higher than the declared and re-declared prices; Do not take advantage of the COVID-19 situation to increase the selling price.

In case of rare drugs in supply, the Drug Administration of Vietnam will give priority to quick settlement of circulation registration certificates and import permits to promptly supply drugs to medical examination and treatment establishments when there is a request. recommendations of the units.

The Hanoi Market Management Department has just held a meeting to deploy the city’s 389 interdisciplinary inspection team. At the meeting, Head of Steering Committee 389 of Hanoi City decided to establish 1 Steering Committee for inspection and handling and 2 interdisciplinary inspection teams for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, functional foods, food supplements, medical equipment… in the city.

The inspection and handling subcommittee and the interdisciplinary inspection team have the following tasks and powers: Organize and coordinate in doing well the basic investigation, directing the inspection according to the promulgated plan.

Direct the organization of inspection and strictly handle organizations and individuals that commit violations according to their competence and according to the provisions of law.

The Head of the Steering Committee approved the inspection proposals of the two interdisciplinary inspection teams after reviewing them by the standing body of the 389 Hanoi Steering Committee.

At the same time, during the inspection, the Steering Committee will have assignment slips for two inspection teams for the necessary locations to be inspected.

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