Diving relief is still detested

Thuy Tien on a boat to help a deep flooded area in Hue – Photo: FB character

Reply YouthThuy Tien said that she was always busy during the trip. At night, when we returned to the hotel, the group discussed the next day’s schedule. In the morning, the group got up from 5:30, departing at 6:30 to keep up with many points.

Relief, not everyone also do it

Almost every night, Thuy Tien lost sleep because she was worried about the people. She is shoulder to shoulder the great expectation of thousands of people donating 60 billion.

The way every day is a vast sea of ​​water, muddy. But because the houses were isolated in the flood, the whole group was not discouraged. Just hearing the voices of people waiting, the crew immediately arrived. At one point, the water rushed in, and the boat almost overturned.

Thuy Tien said: “The fields or markets are flooded with rivers. Going to remote areas feels very guilty. I urge people to take them out, many grandparents are afraid of the rushing water and dare not go out to get them.” At some point, Thuy Tien recited Buddha’s name when she passed by out of fear for the safety of the group.

And on the internet, there were negative comments about her such as: “Anyone can do it for charity with money. Not lose a penny and get a reputation”.

The commentator must have never set foot on the boat across the floodplain.

For a few days on a boat, wading through flooded countryside, stepping into damaged shabby houses, asking questions and encouraging each resident, thinking how to make it effective from 60 Billion VND … – these are all things that not everyone can do, especially the people sitting in the warm, dry room to type out those comments.

On the morning of October 18, Thuy Tien got up and heard bad news: Quang Tri had a flood of more than 2 meters high, in many places flooded locally or had landslides, people called for help everywhere. Immediately, she canceled her plan to return to Ho Chi Minh City to leave for Quang Tri. “I wish I could buy a helicopter or grow wings to fly quickly” – she shared.

“We don’t eat a penny “

MC Tran Thanh – who confidently gave a part of his donation to Thuy Tien – also spoke about the artist’s suspicions when it came to flood relief.

“We do charity with all our heart, absolutely do not eat or bite a penny. Whoever eats this money does not live. And we can fully afford this money, so no one says it out. Whoever believes in, we will send it, but we do not seduce or force it. Disagreement in the moment I think not should “- Tran Thanh stated point of view.

When kindness is questioned and sarcastic, it is most likely that social beliefs have long been chipped. It is not easy to believe someone is willing to give up on strangers. It is not easy to believe that someone can receive up to 60 billion VND without arising greed. It is not easy to believe an artist does for charity because of polishing his name.

But that is also the thinking of those who have lived on the internet for too long, refused to step foot in real life. Because only when we set foot on a flooded road, facing people who have lost their homes, lost their possessions, lost loved ones because of the storm, faced with tears of destiny, benevolence will win. . Goodness is always there.

Thuy Tien herself is also confronted with comments of the type that have no way of knowing. Sometimes, “There are tens of billions and only get a box of instant noodles”, sometimes “Why do we support this house for 20 million, so much?” Due to the public disclosure of the entire relief process, she also stood in front of the public opinion ax.

Talking about the household receiving a donation of 20 million VND, Thuy Tien said: “The area is deeply flooded, people are isolated, dare not go out because they are afraid of being swept away. night all day without sleep I asked, they said hunger, meals fasted. They cried, eyes were red, I donated 20 million, feeling still a little .. I wonder why some people do not believe that they suffer, right? “.

With Thuy Tien, seeing good things coming to people in flooded areas, she is happy for them. “All are emotions, why not choose an emotion that is comfortable for yourself?” she said.

It was sad at first, and gradually got used to it

These days, constantly on the personal Facebook of artist Dai Nghia, public information about An Vui account – an account he dedicated to charity activities – has given gifts to people in the Central region subject to the photo. enjoying floods such as Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Hue, Quang Nam … Dai Nghia is planning to return to the Central in early November, long-term advocacy for people on boats, houses to combat floods …

Sharing about bad ideas towards celebrities when doing charity, Dai Nghia confided: “During the process of participating in charity activities, many times I encountered this problem. At first, I was very sad. Because I think this should not be for me because I am doing it for the common.

But gradually I get used to it, I am not used to it, I have to get used to it, because I cannot control the negative thoughts of those around me. There are people who accompany me or have done charity, I will believe, will understand me. There are still people who do not understand, or do not want to understand, do not believe in something and should judge on the one hand.

Each life has a personality, a thought, try to step through it to make yourself light. Actually, to do that is not easy at times when mentality is affected, bored, wants to let go, but then myself thinks about bigger things, thinking about those who need me.

Of course, there are other people who do good things without me, but it is better to have one more philanthropist than one less. So I accepted and walked over to continue the work I felt for.



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