Digging tunnels in the city, workers discovered a strange object with a bizarre “huge” posture, but experts say it is a rare thing

At first glance, this object looks like a person lying in a very good position, but the truth is not as it is imagined.

As a paleontologist and a member of the archeology team working in the tunnel under construction in the city of Los Angeles (USA), Ashley Leger always carries the workwear with her. When the phone rang, Ashley quickly put on a neon shirt, hard hat, and goggles before climbing down a massive construction site deep below the massive east of the city center.

As soon as she reached the group of workers, Ashley hurriedly bent down near the indicated location. It was something they just dug. After 15 hours of hard digging, the group of archaeologists have dug a skeleton. It looked like a strange human skeleton lying on its back. However, that was something very different from imagined. It turned out to be an intact skull of a well-groomed mammoth.

“It was an absolute dream come true for me,” said Ashley, who spent a decade searching for a mammoth fossil in South Dakota without a discovery, even a bone. Only a small one. “It’s the fossil I’ve always wanted to find in my career,” Ashley said with great delight. This discovery not only surprised Ashley, but also her colleagues.

Ashley Leger and the skull of an individual mammoth.

“We have to make sure that tunneling doesn’t interfere with archaeological excavation,” Ashley said. “Whenever something suspicious is found, the construction company staff will call me over. to investigate”.

Many animal bones have been revealed.

In 2014, since work on expanding the underground system began, a lot of fossils have been unearthed in the area. It is known that the fossils have been found to belong to organisms living in the grasslands or forests from the Ice Age, about 10,000 years ago. These include a rabbit jaw skeleton, mastodon teeth, camel forelegs, bison backbone, seahorse teeth and ankle bones.

These fossils were then transferred to La Brea Tar Pits and Museum, one of America’s most famous fossil excavation sites.

Part of a mammoth skull.

Construction site in Los Angeles.

Museum assistant Dr Emily Lindsey said the mammoth’s fossilized skeleton is of great significance as thousands of wolf and toothed tigers have been unearthed in Los Angeles, while only about 30 mammoth fossils.

The newly found mammoth skeleton was very rare because both tusks were still intact. The specimen was further researched before being displayed at the museum.


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