Digging for gold, discovering treasure more precious than gold left by … another human species

A great archaeological treasure, dating back to 1 million years, has been unearthed at an abandoned gold mine in the Sahara desert.

According to the Daily Mail, the strange artifacts were accidentally unearthed by gold miners in the Atbara River region, the Eastern Desert (EDAR) of Sudan, part of the Sahara desert. It is a series of clear quartz stones elaborately called by human hands.

The team led by Dr. Mirosław Masojć, from the Archeology Institute of the University of Wrocław (Finland) took over the scene.

The results of the analysis showed that they were ancient human stone tools, crafted into axes, cutting knives and many other tools.

In the gold mine also revealed strange holes and mysterious abrasion on the rock. Research has shown that’s where the tools are made. The large number of holes as well as the overwhelming amount of tools gathered in one small location indicate that this is not only a place where prehistoric people once settled, it is also a stone tool workshop!

Gold mine where artifacts were unearthed – Photo: PLOS ONE

According to an article published in the scientific journal PLOS One, based on the chronology of the artifacts, this factory was born 700,000 to 1 million years ago. As such, these beautiful quartz instruments are not of our Homo sapiens, but of a mysterious, extinct human species.

The traces on the rock show that this is a workshop, not just a tool store – Photo: PLOS ONE

The discovery is considered an unrivaled archaeological treasure because this is the oldest factory of humanity ever discovered. These tools are very elaborately crafted, are a great treasure for the people of the Stone Age, and also a treasure for the present, not only because of the antiquity but also because of extremely archaeological value. large of them.

Some other tools at “treasure” – Photo: PLOS ONE

The authors suspect that the owner of this factory is the Homo erectus, a human species that appeared in the world about 2 million years ago, extinct more than 100,000 years ago. The newly unearthed treasure of artifacts shows that their level is much higher than we once thought. Apparently the first ancient humans really went straight and were at a rate like modern humans had escaped the humanoid world quite far, and may have organized a coherent society.

Currently the gold mine where the treasure was discovered was abandoned. The open-pit gold mines in the Sahara were the result of a recent gold rush in Sudan, but then cooled down because the miners were not as lucky as they expected, perhaps except for the pool of miners who discovered the “treasure”. this stunned.


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