Digging a grave for his mother, the boy discovered a large black hole in the garden – Neighbors “bribe” 1.7 billion in exchange for treasure

Noticing that the wall of the pit was paved with bricks, Mr. Luu decided to look in with a flashlight and was surprised to find out that this was not an empty hole.

What do you do when you suddenly dig up a treasure in your garden?

Surely many people will not hesitate to answer that the treasure lying on their land will belong to their family. In fact, there are many people who have dug up antiques that promise to bring in huge amounts of money, but they still do not care about self-interest but make very commendable decisions.

Black hole in the garden

In 2016, Luu Quang Tien, a farmer living in a small village in Thuan Ha town, Phong district, Jiangsu province, China, went with his relatives to the garden of his home to dig a grave to bury his mother.

His purpose was only to dig a grave, but he had only dug half a meter when he suddenly found a giant black hole. At first, people simply thought that this land had a problem, so they didn’t care much, the hole was also dark, no one could see what was inside.

However, after discovering that the wall of the pit had bricks, Mr. Luu decided to light it up with a flashlight and was surprised to discover that this was not an empty hole, but inside there was a severely rotted coffin. important. This is also not an ancestral grave because Mr. Luu’s family also moved here a few generations ago.

Without a doubt, Mr. Luu and his family knew for sure that they had dug into an ancient tomb. This story within a short time reached the ears of the villagers and antique dealers living nearby.

These people gathered to the garden to seduce and threaten Mr. Luu’s family to demand a share. Mr. Luu Quang Tien recalled, a neighbor even said he would pay him 500,000 yuan (about 1.7 billion VND) to own the items in the pit, although no one knew what was underneath.

Many people with bad intentions have come to threaten Mr. Luu. Illustration: Sohu

These guys think that just threatening or giving Mr. Luu a little reward will make him obey, however, They could not have imagined that this young man was not afraid, nor did he mind the temptations, but immediately reported the discovery of the grave to the authorities..

Mr. Luu had to travel a long distance from his village to the Department of Cultural Relics to personally report, the archaeological team heard the news also rushed to the scene.

After obtaining the consent of the owner himself, the museum staff and archaeologists directly conducted deep excavations of the tomb. In order for the ancient tomb to be optimally protected from many prying eyes, the archaeological team also contacted the local police and requested that the tomb be guarded and guarded 24/7.

Value of the Tomb

Experts said that this is the burial tomb of a rich family, the time of burial was in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The grave has been stolen many times, but some burial items are still intact inside such as enameled earthenware pots, blonde hairpins, gold earrings and especially the Wuzi bronze mirror – which was popular during the dynasty. Ming and Qing Dynasty.

The value of this tomb cannot be measured in money, but it has a lot of historical significance. Very quickly, the antiques were brought back to the museum by the archaeological team for preservation and further study. Those with bad intentions who had intended to seduce Mr. Liu before would surely regret seeing that scene.

Gold earrings and hairpins inside the mausoleum. Photo: Sohu

At this moment, the happiest person is him, Mr. Luu Quang Tien.

Although the graves found in his garden did not bring any money or personal benefit, he was relieved to know that the relics he found would be well preserved and contribute to the cause. the study of a historical period.

Mr. Luu said that many villagers thought he was an idiot, but he also didn’t care. Even though he is just an ordinary farmer, he understands the value of cultural relics to the country and feels his contribution is more proud than any prize money.


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