Detecting 9 more cases of Covid-19, Vietnam has 1,122 cases

On the afternoon of October 14, the Ministry of Health said that Vietnam recorded 9 more cases Covid-19These are all isolated cases of imported diseases in Dong Thap province. Specifically:

Case 1114 (BN1114): male, 28 years old, Indian nationality, expert.

Case 1115 (BN1115): male, 30 years old, Indian nationality, expert.

Case 1116 (BN1116): male, 37 years old, Indian nationality, expert.

– Case 1117 (BN1117): male, 29 years old, Indian nationality, expert.

Case 1118 (BN1118): male, 37 years old, Indian nationality, expert.

Case 1119 (BN1119): male, 36 years old, Indian nationality, expert.

Case 1120 (BN1120): male, 41 years old, Indian nationality, expert.

– Case 1121 (BN1121): male, 34 years old, Indian nationality, expert.

Case 1122 (BN1122): male, 27 years old, of Indian nationality, is an expert.

On October 6, the above patients from India entered Tan Son Nhat Airport on flight 6E 9471, isolated at the Military School of Dong Thap province. On October 7, they were sampled for a first time, and the results were negative for SARS-CoV-2. On October 12, they were sampled for a second time, the results of 9 patients were positive for SARS-CoV-2. Currently, 9 patients are isolated and treated at Sa Dec General Hospital.

Previously, on this flight, 7 cases were recorded positive for SARS-CoV-2, isolated at Dong Thap (5 cases), Dong Nai (1 case), Ho Chi Minh City (1 case).

Up to now, the country has recorded 1,122 cases of Covid-19, of which 691 cases of Covid-19 were caused by domestic infection, and 431 cases of entry were immediately isolated.

The total number of people in close contact and entry from the epidemic area is being monitored for their health (isolated): 12,484 During the day, 3 more patients were declared cured (BN745, BN747, BN754). The number of cured cases is 1,029, the number of deaths is 35.

Map of Covid-19 epidemiology in Vietnam – Source: Ministry of Health

In Vietnam, there have been 42 consecutive days without new cases in the community. Although epidemic outbreaks have been basically controlled, however, in large urban centers with high population densities, the risk of infection remains. In some localities, there is still a subjective situation of people with regard to the implementation of anti-epidemic measures such as not wearing a mask when going out, gathering, eating, and playing crowded … Covid-19 continues to be complicated in many countries, with great potential risks.

At the online meeting on disease prevention and control with the Department of Health of the provinces and cities on October 13, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long, Acting Minister of Health, emphasized that localities must be proactive and prepared. is ready to respond to Covid-19, does not rely on, “looks forward to” the Central Government; outlining responsibilities of heads of medical facilities, especially medical examination and treatment establishments.

According to the Acting Minister, in the current period, localities and units must prepare scenarios to cope with bad situations in the winter of this year or they will panic, panic and difficult. Provinces in October 2020 must submit detailed and specific response plans to the Ministry of Health.

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