Details of the old BMW 3 Series just over 100 million in Saigon

BMW 3 Series E46 generation It is the ideal car for those who want to own a German car at a low cost of buying a car. Currently, there are BMW 3 Series (E46) being offered for sale for just over 100 million VND. This 2004 model 325i is an example of an owner in the city. HCM offered to sell for only 133 million.However, this is not the case BMW 3 Series car prices (E46) lowest, when more cars are sold at even cheaper prices. Meanwhile, “hard” cars are widely offered for sale in the price range of about VND 250 million. Ironically, popular sedans such as the Toyota Corolla Altis or higher, the Toyota Camry of the same life, are even more “priced” than the BMW 3 Series (E46).In general, luxury German brand cars that are 5 to 10 years old (or more) often lose prices very quickly, the reason is that buyers have to spend a lot of money to maintain and maintain more items. compared with popular cars to help the car operate stably – not lying on the road.Choosing a luxury car is always risky, such as flooded cars, collisions, “clocked” cars, and “patchwork” repaired cars to sell quickly. So, if you want to own an old luxury car, the buyer should equip themselves with a lot of basic knowledge about used cars, choose a reputable place to buy or ask someone with experience to do a thorough inspection of the car to avoid ” money. loss of bearing defects ”, minimizing inconveniences such as requiring more repairs and replacing items.If you are lucky, the buyer will find German cars that have been “cleaned”, with maintenance and replacement of spare parts to class, which helps the car operate stably and “reassuringly”.In other words, the buyer will not spend a lot of money and time to restore the car.With a selling price of about 130 million dong, BMW 3 Series 4th generation (E46; 1997 – 2006) This is a suggestion for those who want to experience a German car at a tight cost.However, please plan a cost for maintenance repairs, as well as spare parts when the car “sneezes”.Video: Should I buy an old BMW car?


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