Details of Honda Vario 160 scooter more than 80 million VND to Vietnam

Shortly after the launch of the Indonesian market, the sports scooter model New Honda Vario 160 2022 has been sold by a private import car business in Vietnam to meet the needs of domestic consumers.Compared to Honda Vario 150, the generation of Vario 160 has been upgraded quite comprehensively in terms of design and equipment. About appearance, model Honda Vario scooter 160 2022 completely transforms with a thicker and more muscular appearance, but still retains the familiar and compact sportiness of this car.The front of the car features a large headlamp cluster with a new dual design, above is a positioning LED strip extending to the upper pair of turn signals. Outside the headlight is a sharp black plastic panel with a highlight for the front of the car.Honda Vario 160 owns a completely new digital watch face displaying multi-information, Smart Key smart lock system, USB charging port in the front storage compartment. Simple buttons have not changed compared to the old generation.Some details have a sportier design and somewhat remind users of the Honda Winner X clutch. At the rear of the car, the thick and sturdy design continues to appear to create the overall style of the car. . Standard brakes combine CBS or ABS in more advanced versions. The lighting system includes headlights, positioning lights, pretty lights, and taillights all using LED technology. Another new upgrade on the Honda Vario 160 is a set of tubeless tires with sizes 100/80-14 at the front and 120/70-14 at the back.The most notable upgrade on the Honda Vario 160 scooter model is the all-new eSP+ engine with a single cylinder, 4-valve, 160cc capacity, producing 15.3 horsepower at 8,500 rpm. and maximum torque of 13.4 Nm at 5,000 rpm.It is known that the first batch of cars imported to Vietnam was the CBS version, level Honda Vario 160 2022 price sold in Vietnam about 80 million. In the near future, Vario 160 ABS will also be sold domestically with an expected price of about 85 million VND.Video: Details of the new Honda Vario 160 scooter in Vietnam.


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