Details of Honda Air Blade 2023 in Vietnam, the highest is 57.19 million VND

After “teasing” images and videos, recently Honda Vietnam (HVN) has officially launched New Honda Air Blade 2023. This is also the 6th generation of Air Blade scooters in Vietnam but has been changed with 2 versions, 125 and 160cc.Inheriting the spirit of “Dynamic & modern sporty design” from its predecessors, the model Honda Air Blade scooter 2023 meticulously polished by HVN with a fine-tuned chassis.The design from the center to the rear has been refined to give a more aggressive appearance. Air Blade maintains a strong design while the body size is “elegant and compact”. The neatness in appearance will definitely make users satisfied when traveling in crowded inner city areas or narrow road conditions.The new Honda Air Blade 160cc/125cc all use eSP+ engines, 4 valves designed with 4-stroke PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system, single cylinder, liquid-cooled, meeting Euro 3 emission standards. Compact design, integrating many of the most advanced technologies.The power level of the new Honda Air Blade 2023 version is also superior to that of its predecessors thanks to the application of a new generation of 4-valve system, with an enlarged valve diameter, helping to increase the intake efficiency of the mixture. fuel and air, along with the exhaust efficiency of the gas.At the same time, shortening the valve stroke also helps to reduce frictional resistance during operation. In addition, the engine is also equipped with a hydraulic cam chain booster system. The stable tension from the hydraulic booster system helps the cam chain to always maintain the best operating state. This helps reduce friction, noise and vibration when the engine is operating at high intensity, contributing to improved fuel efficiency.In addition to increasing power, both models are equipped with specialized silencers and air cleaners inside the exhaust pipes to optimize fuel efficiency. In addition, the system temporarily stops the engine – idling stop, which reduces noise, fuel consumption and improves environmental protection.Not only upgrading the 125cc engine, the new generation Air Blade also gives customers more choices of 160cc engine capacity and powerful performance, promising to be a reliable companion with key customers. heal all the way.According to test results, with a speed of 40km / h, the new 125cc engine can accelerate in 6.2 seconds with a distance of 100m (0.2 seconds faster than its predecessor). The ability to climb a slope of 50m when carrying people behind, 10 degrees incline reaches 5.9 seconds.In addition to owning an outstandingly powerful engine block, the new Air Blade version is integrated with many high-end utilities such as: Convenient USB charging port (Type A) with improved waterproof cover equipped for both versions. Air Blade 160cc/125cc version; Honda SMART Key smart lock system; Large storage compartment thanks to the improved chassis structure…The Honda Air Blade 2023 scooter model will continue to maintain the anti-lock braking system (ABS) for the front wheel on the 160cc version and the combined brake (CBS) on the 125cc version.Level price of Honda Air Blade 2023 The new version in Vietnam will be from 42.09 million VND for the standard 125 version and 43.29 million VND for the special 125 version. Honda Air Blade 160 price from 55.99 million VND for the standard version and 57.19 million VND for the special version. In addition, the car also has many accessories attached for users to upgrade.Video: Launching Honda Air Blade 2023 in Vietnam with selling price.


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