Details Honda SUV e: brand new prototype will be sold in 2022

During the Beijing 2020 Motor Show that took place last September, Honda unveiled a brand new concept car called SUV e:. So far, in the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show currently taking place in China, the Japanese automaker has introduced a similar model named SUV Honda e: new prototype.According to Honda, SUV e: Honda’s prototype This is a preview image for an all-new electric SUV that will go on sale in the spring of 2022. It is also one of 10 electric cars that Honda will launch in the Chinese market during the period. space next 5 years.At a glance, we will see that the Honda SUV e: prototype has a design quite similar to the SUV e: concept launched last year. However, unlike the SUV e: concept, the SUV e: prototype is designed in the style of the new generation Honda HR-V and looks ready for commercial production. The highlight of the Honda SUV e: prototype is in the bold front design. Here, we will encounter headlights with a unique “U” shape, connected to the LED strip positioned above.This design makes many people think of eyes. Below is the Honda brand’s glowing logo and also the car’s charging port. Next is the front fog lights which are designed as horizontal LED strips and two vertical air slots. Surrounding the front fog lights and the center air cavity are 2 angled LED strips.
Like other traditional SUVs, the Honda SUV e: prototype is equipped with a black body brace. In addition, the front door handle can be turned up and down in accordance with the current trend. Meanwhile, the rear door handle is on the C-pillar like the new Honda HR-V. Behind, Honda SUV e: electric prototype has a design more like the HR-V 2021.

Honda has equipped a slim horizontal taillight cluster, connected by an LED strip in the middle, for the SUV e: prototype. Located just below the strip of LED lights is the glowing Honda logo. Similar to the front of the car, in the rear bumper of the Honda SUV e: prototype also has 2 angled LED strips, surrounded by horizontal reflectors. Finally, the prominent roof spoiler, integrated overhead brake lights, and black roof.
Currently Honda has not announced information about the powertrain of the SUV e: prototype. Just know that, Honda’s all-new electric SUV will be equipped with the third-generation Honda Connect system.

This AI-based system will provide connected services for vehicles, including home electrical appliances tuning, online shopping and software updates over WiFi. At the same time, the system also provides a digital key for the vehicle, helping the driver to use the application on a smartphone instead of the remote control lock.
Video: Introducing Honda SUV e: new prototype.


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