Detail Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA first racing car in Vietnam

New Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA 2021 Introduced late last year, this model has received a lot of attention from enthusiasts of the 150 cc manual taper. Recently, Yamaha Vietnam has introduced the racing version of the Exciter 155.Overall design of Yamaha Exciter 155 hand clutch remained in place, but unnecessary parts were removed to ensure aerodynamics and performance safety.The most recognizable difference is the light system has been removed, the lamp mounting position has been replaced by a black plastic panel. At the Yamaha Vietnam race, each vehicle is equipped with a timing chip system. This system automatically calculates the lap time as well as the distance between vehicles.“Seamless legs” of the Exciter 155 racing version has been upgraded to IRC MBR-110 tires, this is a line of commercial tires but has quite good grip. Yamaha uses both versions of the Exciter 155 as a competition vehicle, so some will use 2-piston brake calipers, while others use single-piston calipers. A brake protector is required on all motorbikes racing in international tournaments. This equipment is small but quite useful, helping to limit the brake being squeezed unintentionally in dispute situations.The speedometer cluster has also been removed. Unlike the race Winner used in the VMRC tournament, the Exciter 155 race still uses the original handlebar, the switch assembly is also kept. In order for the driver to lean more in the corner, a broken gearbox is indispensable on underbone racing cars. Yamaha Vietnam equips the Exciter 155 sets of broken RCBs, this accessory has a market price of about 1.5 million dong.Yamaha Vietnam did not say engine Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA Race has been interfered or not, but the company still equips this model with Sakura exhaust system. Practical experience, the Exciter 155 feels a little more imposing than the original car.


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