Detail Lexus LM300h offered for sale 9.2 billion in Vietnam

Piece New generation Lexus LM This is the LM300h version, the car is brought back to the country under the private import category. According to the importer, this LM300h has an after-tax selling price of about 9.2 billion dong. The value is equal to 2 Toyota Alphard Luxury edition being distributed by Toyota Vietnam (TMV) for VND 4,038 billion.In recent months, the line Lexus LM luxury car were brought back to the country in a limited number of less than 10 units. The appearance of the imported Lexus LM opens up the option to play high-end MPV for Vietnamese “giants”, in addition to previous options such as: Mercedes-Benz V-Class or popular brands such as : Toyota Alphard or Peugeot Traveler!It can be said that Lexus LM is the most expensive car in the luxury MPV segment in the Vietnamese market. In fact, customers who buy high-end MPVs for personal use in Vietnam are mostly Toyota Alphard. Alphard owners often have in their homes quite a few other cars, such as sedans or large luxury SUVs.The rich Vietnamese or Asian in general often choose large luxury SUVs and sedans to move, but still groups of customers prefer high-end minivan / MPV for its comfort and spaciousness.LM is developed based on the Toyota Alphard chassis platform. The vehicle owns a sophisticated, luxurious design of the Lexus brand which is reflected through many features such as the spindle shaped grille “Spindle Grille” and full-LED headlights with colorful angular design. shrewd. The Lexus LM version that the unit imported is the LM300h version, the car uses a 2.5L 4-cylinder (I4) engine (2AR-FXE code) for a maximum capacity of 152 hp at 5,700 rpm. and maximum torque of 206Nm is achieved at the rpm range from 4,400 – 4,800 rpm.Vehicles used in combination with front / rear electric motors with capacity of 105kW + 270Nm and 50kW + 139Nm for a total capacity of about 145 kW / 197 PS. LM300h uses a continuously variable automatic transmission (E-CVT) with a full-time 4-wheel drive system. Thanks to that, the car has the ability to accelerate from 0 – 100km / h in just 10.5 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 180 km / h.As characteristic of the luxury cars of the Lexus brand, the interior of the LM300h series is designed to provide maximum luxury comfort for owners. On the LM line, although the quintessence is all focused on the boss compartment, the cockpit also carries many facilities as well.Lexus has used many premium materials for the LM300h with Semi-Aniline leather seats, detailed interior such as a high-grade Shimamoku wood-paneled steering wheel. The imported version uses black leather upholstery. Leather steering wheel, wood paneling. Analog driving assist watch combined with 4.2 inch TFT screen.The LM300h imported to this country belongs to the Royal Lounge version with the option of 4 seats (2 front, 2 rear). Only this version is equipped with a private partition separating the cockpit and the boss compartment. The boss compartment is also a leading and important position on LM with many top amenities.Boss seats can be adjusted in 10 directions, support footrest, massage, ventilation, heating. Equipped with LED interior decoration, electric sunroof, independent air conditioner, sunshade. In addition, the car is equipped with 16-color LED interior lighting and a large sunroof providing maximum comfort.This Lexus LM version has a privacy baffle, using electrically adjustable glass for multiple modes such as transparent or opaque to create privacy for the boss compartment. This location incorporates a 26-inch entertainment screen and mini fridge.Equipped with LED interior decoration, clock and entertainment system from Mark Levinson brand … New Lexus LM300h price Currently being offered for sale 9.2 billion in some private car importers in Vietnam.Video: Details of the luxury Lexus LM in Vietnam.


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