Deputy Prime Minister: We can move fast only with digital transformation

“Only with the digital transformation, we can go faster, the country can develop faster. If we take it slowly, we will never catch up with the countries that went ahead ”.

This is a message emphasized by Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam at the National Conference on Transformation of the National Health Number on December 30 in Hanoi.

Health and education are the first two priority areas in digital transformation. Therefore, the Deputy Prime Minister expected that the conference would set an important milestone, create more motivation, clarify directions and solutions to help the health sector continue to succeed in digital transformation.

Digital conversion does not require technical changes

The Deputy Prime Minister acknowledged that the health sector has applied information technology for many years and now has clearer results. Although the way ahead is still long and difficult, the results achieved today show that, if you have faith, you can continue to create, focus and synchronously achieve the set goals.

“Industry 4.0 has said a lot, but how to take advantage of the opportunities since then? Certainly, in order to take advantage of, we must be determined to promote the application of information technology in every corner of our life “, emphasized the Deputy Prime Minister.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, information technology is really an indispensable and very effective tool in medical examination and treatment. Therefore, the transformation of medical numbers cannot be done without serving the goal of transparency for the whole society, but also ensuring the accountability of all health facilities, towards the accountability of each health worker. patient.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said that in order to take advantage of the industrial revolution 4.0, it is necessary to bring information technology into every corner of life.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that in order to accelerate the transformation of medical numbers, first of all, it is necessary to have a legal corridor, amend and supplement legal provisions, especially the financial mechanism.

Until now, the health sector has only tried to correctly and adequately calculate the price of medical services, put information technology in the cost of management, but now has to change perceptions, consider information technology as machinery, equipment, consumable materials … for accounting.

In the context that Vietnam is a latecomer country with low middle income, limited state budget, digital transformation strategy cannot follow developed countries. Now we must do synchronous work on a national scale, work from the bottom up, not from top to bottom like the world.

“We spend the budget on education and health, but the number is absolutely impossible compared to other countries. We also expanded health insurance to more than 90% of the population, but with low denominations, not equal to 1/10 compared to developed countries ”, the Deputy Prime Minister cited.

However, the Deputy Prime Minister said that we can be confident. First, Vietnam has very large data from nearly 100 million people. In the future, data is the strength. Second, our country has a very creative and dynamic information technology team.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, digital transformation and information technology application are not simply technical, but change habits, thoughts, ways of doing, need consistency in direction and consistency and synchronization.

The ultimate goal of the medical number transformation is to improve the quality of health care for the people, but according to the Deputy Prime Minister, there are many smaller purposes, first of all to immediately serve the management needs of ministries and localities. medical facility.

“The health sector says the management is unified nationwide, but when I went to the Ministry of Health, I asked how many ventilators nationwide, how many doctors in this specialty, what level … But when told to print it, we don’t have it ”, said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Or at Cho Ray hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, leaders require statistics of all materials, equipment and machines to update to the public property management system, but only 6 months to do 1 department.

In medical examination and treatment establishments, especially big hospitals, there are dozens of contractors, hundreds of software, thousands of computers but have not used the back-up warehouse for many years, when asking for transparency in operation, cannot statistic. .

“Previously, the ministry was under the management of the ministry and the local authority below. Every time he asked what, the Ministry typed a document to ask the province, the province asked the district, the district asked the commune, so it was both inaccurate and time consuming ”, the Deputy Prime Minister pointed out.

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Must use administrative orders to convert numbers

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, with the conditions of Vietnam to convert numbers in a new way, there is no place where it is convenient to do first but to do the opposite.

“Like spreading a net on a river, if only focusing on thick knitting, the fish will avoid elsewhere. We have a few yarns so we weave them sparsely, but we can catch big fish if we use them tightly closed.

With implemented activities, with the headlines and solutions identified, the Deputy Prime Minister asked to synchronize documents and administrative orders for all to do together.

In 2020, the medical number transformation will achieve more results than many years earlier

“Digital transformation is associated with change of practices and transparency, so there are many internal obstacles. Those who do not do, do not respond, sometimes even create negative energy for employees. So the best way, all must do together, ”said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Deputy Prime Minister reiterated, the main goal of the medical number transformation is to care for the health of the people in the lower budget conditions than other countries. Therefore, it is necessary to start from very detailed things, specifically what people need to identify the topic.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, ordinary people first need to know how to prevent illness, how to eat and exercise. It is necessary to make sure that all the essential needs of people of all subjects are consulted, can prevent diseases and take care of themselves.

Second, people want to quit the queue to register for medical treatment. Recently, many hospitals have actively implemented but pioneering hospitals only reach 10-15%, the rest still go directly to hospitals.

Third, people want to be consulted, examined and treated remotely by doctors they believe to trust the most.

Fourth, how do people have trust, because having faith means having everything. Previously, people did not believe, so they moved to the last line.

“Now we want to change with technology. Since the past, people have dreamed of being able to manage their health and always have their own doctor. People don’t like being managed, but managing their health very much, ”said the Deputy Prime Minister.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that when promoting the Vietnam Health program and making public health records in July 2021, every citizen is considered to have a doctor, rather, a health system with one care doctor group, follow up.

“This is a striving target, an unrealistic dream that we absolutely can do”, Deputy Prime Minister believes.

In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister asked to amend the health insurance payment policy, not only paying when people are sick but also paying for periodic health checks and screening, so that people do not go into sick state.

The health insurance fund has not yet paid for this fee. Therefore, the Law on Examination and Treatment and the Law on Health Insurance must be amended in the near future.

From the actual operating, the Deputy Prime Minister said that the coordination is the weakness of many units. What one person does is easy but what needs coordination is very difficult. Therefore, in number conversion, it is very necessary to play the role of the head.

“Doing digital transformation like administrative reform, having to renew ourselves, step through the local interests of our units and individuals”, the Deputy Prime Minister noted.

The Deputy Prime Minister expects that, with the coordination of the Government Office, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the way of the Ministry of Health will be quickly drawn up and replicated to other ministries, so that the whole country can make faster progress in the change number.


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