De Sanctis: “The ban on facilities penalizes the Sports Federations”

An important period for the Italian Bocce Federation. The High Level Championships are in full swing and, in May, the final national team events will start, which will award the championships of Raffa, Volo and Petanque. And, from there on, the tricolor weekends will begin, including sports for everyone. 2022 is an important year for Fib, as September will be the month of two very important world events: the World Boccia Challenger (6-14 September) and the Raffa Youth World Cup (19-25 September), both at the Federal Technical Center of Rome. Events including a promotional event in one of the squares of the capital.

“With the Paralympic Boccia – explained the federal president, Marco Giunio De Sanctis – these days we are in Zagreb, where we have already collected two bronzes and a second place. We will participate in all the international events scheduled, because the declared goal is to allow some blue athletes to qualify for the Paris 2024 Paralympics. The Five-circle showcase, for the entire soccer movement, would be of fundamental importance. It would give a different image to the whole Italian Bocce Federation ”.

At the same time, President De Sanctis is also carrying out the activity concerning the territory and his disappointment is tangible in relation to the announcement of the Department for Sport “on inclusion and social integration through the construction or regeneration of sports that favor the recovery of urban areas “.

“A written and published announcement, once again, without hearing the Coni and the National Sports Federations – remarked De Sanctis – In similar cases, when it comes to sport, if you listened to the reference bodies, you would not fall into errors” . “With regard to the intervention called Cluster 3 – continued De Sanctis – each sports federation will be able to express its interest, to the Municipality of reference, towards a single intervention at national level. How does a National Sports Federation choose? Let’s think of the Italian Bocce Federation, which has a considerable plant engineering heritage. Out of 1,600 affiliated bowling clubs, about 1,300 are municipal property. And there are many municipalities that are asking Fib to sign the expression of interest “.

“Unfortunately we will have to preclude many of our support and this is not fair – De Sanctis’ words – 700 million euros are a lot and there are 44 Sports Federations. It should have been possible to intervene with at least five or six interventions per discipline. sporty. We federal presidents are united in asking for the necessary corrections. The funds for sport, I must admit, which are far greater than in the past, are there but must be distributed in a more equitable way and always hearing first those who deal with sports in Italy ”.

“I wrote about the Undersecretary of State for Sport, Valentina Vezzali, also because I need to meet her to better coordinate our two world events in September, when they will arrive in Roatleti with disabilities for Boccia and youth for the Raffa World Cup, from all over the world ”, explained the president.

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