De Sanctis: “A great year in 2022 with the Paralympic Boccia and raffa’s youth World Cup”

President De Sanctis, what are the main events that the Bocce Federation is planning this year?

“We are finalizing the program in these days and I can assure you that it will be a great season – explains Marco Giunio De Sanctis, FIB president in his second term – Both events will be held at the Federal Technical Center in Rome, a real flagship of our Federation: an international Paralympic Boccia event, scheduled from 6 to 14 September, preparatory for the Paralympic Games in Paris 2024 where I really hope there will be some of our athletes. And then the raffa World Youth Championships: initially they were scheduled, again in Rome-Eur, for May but there are qualification difficulties in some continents. I spoke with Undersecretary Vezzali to illustrate the two events and request a suitable financial contribution. These two events require a complex organization that will have to start immediately. I believe that we deserve the maximum attention of the institutions ”.

Fib was penalized in the distribution of state contributions, and you pointed this out: but now there is another trance of 80 million available which will be awarded in February …

“We are preparing a project related to CABs and Regional Technical Centers which, in addition to being fully accessible, aim to develop women’s, youth and Paralympic activities. I intervened in the National Council of Coni and I repeat that the distribution of resources was not appropriate. All the Federations, due to the consequences of the pandemic, should have benefited from the surplus resources and, above all, through objective and prematurely prepared criteria. Federbocce performed a commendable activity last season both from a sporting point of view, having won sixteen medals at the World Championships, and from a promotional and social point of view: we have increased the number of members of young people, women and Paralympic athletes. The two criteria for the distribution of resources must be meritocratic and social. Now I expect a figure from Sport e Salute that can partially compensate for the 32% missed contribution and, above all, I expect financial support that is worthy of our meritorious goals. Political and sporting institutions must consider the work we do, even on a social level: but I have faith ”.

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