Covid, Federica Pellegrini’s quarantine: “It is much better, the countdown for the swab begins”

VERONA – Federica Pellegrini continues the battle against Covid and with a sort of diary keeps her fans updated through social media. After the tears with which she reacted to the news of the positivity, the Venetian champion seems to have found the right spirit and hopes to close this unpleasant parenthesis as soon as possible. “Third day of quarantine, night like this, with a 37.7 fever, it seemed to me that my head was being drilled. I woke up sweating, I took the tachipirina and after I changed I went back to bed. Now it’s much better , both head and throat and cough. I just took my temperature, it dropped to 36.2. Very good. ” This is the story published by Divina on Instagram, directly from her bed together with her two dogs. “Even in terms of pain it seems to me that it goes much much better – explains the champion of Italian swimming – Come on, I have fewer problems: a week of waiting and I will have to redo the tampon. The countdown begins”.

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Swimming, Federica Pellegrini positive at Covid: “I cried a lot”


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