Covid-19 patient is a Vietnam Airlines flight attendant with 4 days isolation, right or wrong?

On the evening of November 30, the Ministry of Health announced that the 1,347 case of Covid-19 was a male English teacher in Ho Chi Minh City, directly related to the patient (BN) number 1,342 (male flight attendant of Vietnam. Airlines, announced afternoon 29-11).

Previously, during the isolation at the quarantine area managed by Vietnam Airlines (No. 115 Hong Ha, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) from November 14 to 18, BN 1,342 had contact with the above colleague. other flights (BN 1,325). After 2 tests showed negative results, patients 1,342 were isolated at a hostel (in Tan Binh district). During isolation, patient 1.342 had direct contact with 3 people, of which the male friend was positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus was BN 1.347.

The flight attendants who are crew members are at a very high risk of infection – Artwork

This case of infection caused many people to question Vietnam Airlines flight attendant Is only 4 days of concentrated isolation in accordance with regulations?

According to research, the organization of quarantine for Vietnamese flight attendants performing international flights is specified in Official Letter No. 3588 / CV-BCĐ of the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 epidemic prevention. -7-2020 on the application of isolation measures to the flight crew of Vietnam Airlines.

Accordingly, for the flight attendants on passenger flights from other countries to Vietnam, when they come back to Vietnam, they are required to perform concentrated isolation and test samples according to regulations with all members. flight crew and passengers on the flight. If all passengers and crew members test negative for the first time, continue sampling a second time with the crew members (test the second time after at least 72 hours since the first sampling. ). If the remaining crew members have a negative second test result, the rest of the crew members are allowed to leave the quarantine area and continue medical quarantine at home and residence. follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health until the next international mission (testing is required 24 hours before the next international flight).

If a passenger or crew member is positive for Covid-19 during the first test, perform 14-day concentrated isolation on all remaining crew members as prescribed. If the second test is positive, perform a medical isolation in 14 days for all remaining crew members from the date of the second test result.

Later, this regulation was extended to apply to flight groups of Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Bamboo Airways, according to Document No. 3951 dated July 24, 2020 of the National Steering Committee for epidemic prevention. Covid-19.

For BN number 1.342, who is a flight attendant of Vietnam Airlines, it is known that flight VN5301 that this flight attendant serves on November 14 from Japan to Can Tho airport, has 298 passengers and passengers isolated right at Can Tho, has tested 2 times all passengers are negative.

The plane flew empty to Tan Son Nhat airport, the 14-person flight crew (including BN 1,342) isolated in Ho Chi Minh City from November 14. All tested 2 times and were negative.

On November 18, patient 1,342 returned to isolation at the residence in HCM. On November 28, taking the third sample, the result was positive for SARS-CoV-2.

Thus, the patient’s self-isolated accommodation after 2 negative tests and the entire negative crew and passengers is not wrong with the regulations.

Is there strict isolation at home?

However, during the quarantine process at an inn in Tan Binh district, patient 1,342 has direct contact with 3 people, including mother and 2 friends (one male, one female). In which, the male friend (SN 1988; residing in Ward 3, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City) came to live with. On November 28, BN 1,342 was sampled for the third time, giving positive results. Immediately, the above 3 cases of direct contact were isolated and sampled. In which, the male friend gave a positive result, was BN 1,347.

According to the Health Ministry’s guidelines for medical isolation at home, accommodation for prevention of Covid-19 disease, home isolators must be isolated for up to 14 days, and specific isolation days are counted from the date of exposure. for the last time in the case of an identified disease or a suspected disease case or from the date of entry into Vietnam. When the suspected exclusion is not diagnosed, the quarantined persons involved end the quarantine.

Regarding the implementation of quarantine, the person to be quarantined must comply with the isolation at home and place of stay within the prescribed time, preferably in a separate room. In case the family or property does not have a private room, the bed of the isolated person should be at least 2 meters away from the beds of other family members.

The isolated room should ensure ventilation, be regularly cleaned, limit the furniture in the room, isolated place.

Self-measure body temperature at least 2 times (morning, afternoon) a day; Record measurement results and general health on daily health monitoring sheets.

Daily limit to leave private rooms, limit direct contact with family members, accommodation as well as others; self-health monitoring; take personal hygiene measures, wear a mask, and wash your hands often with soap or other antiseptic solution.

Every day, to notify medical staff of communes, wards and townships assigned to monitor 2 times in the morning and afternoon about the temperature measurement results and their health situation.

Immediately notify medical staff assigned to the commune, ward or town to be in charge of monitoring as soon as one of the symptoms is suspected of being infected: fever, cough, difficulty breathing.

Do not automatically leave the house or accommodation.

The isolated person must collect used masks, towels, nose tissues and mouths in a separate garbage bag and place it neatly in the corner of the isolated person’s room.

Do not eat together with other family members or accommodation.

Vietnam Airlines said that the Steering Committee for Disease Control the Corporation has instructed agencies and units to take urgent measures in the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic in the new situation.

As members with very high risk of infection, the flight attendants quickly review and synthesize information, propose additional measures to strengthen disease prevention and infection prevention. At the same time, the flight attendants in the event of an infection will be checked and counted the number of international flights of each flight attendant. Potentially infectious flight attendants on board the flight will be undergoing an epidemiological investigation.

The flight attendant will also review the standard of protective gear issued on the flight, assess whether to meet the actual use according to regulations … In addition, the whole process of isolation at 2 isolation facilities The airline’s focus will be checked, including daily camera monitoring and monitoring on the observance of the quarantine rules of flight crew members to promptly detect, remind, and minimize transmission. Cross contamination in quarantine facilities.

In the coming time, the Head of the Management Board of the Southern Isolator Area will continue to coordinate with the Head of the Standing Group for Disease Control of the Corporation to monitor and work with central health agencies and in Ho Chi Minh City to keep up. time to deal with situations that arise related to the operation of quarantine facilities.

Proposing the Ministry of Health to consider additionally increasing the frequency of testing for flight crew members serving flights with positive passengers in the new flight group isolation guidance document that the Ministry of Health plans to issue. Covid-19 prevention and control activities for Vietnamese airlines.

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