Consumption habits dominate the food industry after Covid-19

Many new trends open up opportunities to gain market share for food manufacturers during and after Covid-19.

Strengthen health, improve immunity

77% of consumers tend to care about staying healthy in the future, according to recent research by ADM OutsideVoice, an independent research unit of the ADM Group. Also according to this unit, the pandemic makes 57% of global consumers want to strengthen resistance. Products containing probiotics ingredients that complement the immune barrier will be sought by consumers.

The food and beverage manufacturers that meet this demand and at reasonable prices will create a great competitive advantage. Mr. Nguyen Lam Vien – CEO of Vinamit said that the group of agricultural products that are good for health, enhance immunity, and be pure natural are favored. In fact, in many markets this product line is booming and there is no product for sale.

Prefer plant-based products

When health became an important criterion for consumers, the trend towards using vegan products also took the throne. According to a report by Expert Market Research, the global vegan food market is worth $ 15.4 billion in 2019. With Covid-19’s push, it’s expected to reach 26. , $ 1 billion by 2025.

Before Covid-19, this trend increased sharply in many countries. According to GlobalData, the number of US consumers who are vegetarian increased from 1% to 6% between 2014 and 2017, an increase of 600%. In China, the government urges people to reduce their meat consumption by 50%. Many F&B businesses have stepped up serving vegan or healthy options with organic farm roots.

Mental health care

Covid-19 also increases feelings of anxiety and tension. 35% of consumers say they are concerned about their mental health. People look for ways to improve their mental health, including allowing themselves to eat comfortable, pleasant foods and drinks. But they also face the need to manage weight, finding a balance between healthy nutrition and enjoyment.

According to ADM experts, food and beverage products designed to improve mood and maintain energy will be boosted in the future. This is also the time for convenient foods, snacks … to provide enough nutritious and healthy ingredients.

Delivery service

Nielsen’s survey in 11 Asian markets shows that consumers prefer eating at home. This trend is led by China, with 86% of consumers saying they will eat at home more often than before the outbreak. Vietnam is in the top three countries following this trend, with a rate of 62%. Q & Me’s report on customer behavior also shows that 75% of Vietnamese consumers have used food delivery services, of which 24% are new to this form due to Covid-19. . As of May, the demand for home delivery has increased by 70%.

Traditional stores increase sales through door-to-door delivery. Image: GV.

Faced with this trend, F&B models, which focus on dining experience, culinary space and brand story, now have to expand the F&B brand in home delivery.

Many large restaurants also serve on-site cooking services to provide a fine dining experience at home for their guests. The “cloud kitchen” model, where food businesses rent only kitchens to prepare dishes and deliver them to customers via delivery applications, also serves this trend.

The way food processing enterprises respond to the changes of Covid-19 is one of the contents that will be analyzed and discussed in the talk show Nguy – Co No. 7, broadcast on October 22 on VnExpress.

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