Combining pictures of pet babies growing up with their teddy bears makes you feel happy

No matter how many years go through, bear bears are considered as children to always be the most precious toys of pet babies.

2. They have been together since they were kids. Until now he is bigger than his favorite doll

3. Hugs each other for 7 years, Ducks.

4. Sleeping hugging your favorite doll from small to large, also possessive.

5. Forever 1 best friend

6. After 18 months, the cat still holds her little duck.

7. I’ve been playing like this for 9 months.

8. Favorite game is self-winding

9. Hugging each other for 9 years.

10. I will hug each other forever.

11. “No matter how long it has passed This toy has always been one of my favorite toys.”

12. The doll loves to sleep

13. Without this doll the dog will definitely not sleep …

14. We love toys.

15. Until how old is this doll is still a favorite toy.

16. Even though there have been many toys in the past year, my uncle’s favorite dolls are still the same ones.

17. My cat’s beloved toy

18. The plastic bag that this cat girl loves to play with. 6 months have passed and she still plays.


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