Closely monitor the price movements of essential consumer goods and services

Following the direction of Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai on price management in 2021, in the face of complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic affecting market prices, leaders of the Ministry of Finance have just proposed to the People’s Committees of The provinces and centrally-run cities continue to strengthen the management, administration and stabilization of market prices in the area to support the implementation of the Government’s dual goals, while keeping the price level stable. in order to remove difficulties for production, business and people’s life, while supporting economic growth and avoiding abnormal price fluctuations affecting socio-economic life.

Specifically, localities must closely monitor market price movements in their localities to promptly take measures to stabilize prices in accordance with law, especially for essential consumer goods and services. people, essential goods that are inputs for production in the area such as medical supplies for disease prevention, agricultural products in areas affected by the COVID-19 epidemic…

To closely coordinate with ministries and sectors in the circulation and distribution of goods to avoid the phenomenon of local price fever due to scarcity of goods or adverse price drops for agricultural products due to congestion in circulation. distribution. Summarize difficulties and problems and promptly report them to the Price Management Steering Committee (through the Ministry of Finance) for timely direction.

Strengthen the management of price declaration and price listing, especially for medical supplies for epidemic prevention and control, and essential goods in the locality; strictly control price-forming factors for goods and services priced by the State, goods and services procured from the state budget, public goods and services, public non-business services …

At the same time, to step up the work of specialized and thematic inspection of prices, monitoring of market prices; strictly handle cases of violations of the law on prices. Actively calculate and develop price plans for goods that are priced by the State under the authority to regulate prices of the locality, in which carefully evaluate the dosage and level of adjustment to suit each period to ensure the target. inflation control target.

The leaders of the Ministry of Finance also requested to promote the propaganda and timely information on the situation of the price market; publicity and transparency of price information, especially for goods and services subject to price declaration in order to minimize the impact of price increases due to psychological factors, inflation expectations, and avoid rumors. losses, affecting the market price level and people’s lives.

According to a market survey, despite the complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic, during this epidemic, there was no rush to buy goods to hoard, people still believe in the ability to supply essential goods. weakness of the distribution system.

The Ministry of Finance suggested localities to closely monitor market price movements in their localities to take timely measures to stabilize prices. Illustration

Previously, in response to the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued a Directive on the implementation of solutions to ensure the balance of supply and demand and stabilize the market; against acts of speculation, hoarding and violating the law in commercial activities.

In order to ensure the balance between supply and demand of essential products, stabilize the commodity market, and combat acts of speculation, hoarding and other violations of the law in commercial activities, the Ministry of Industry and Trade requires the following orders: positions under the Ministry, the Departments of Industry and Trade of the provinces and centrally-run cities, and requested associations, industries and businesses to quickly implement activities, production and business plans, and plans to deal with problems. abnormal fluctuations of the market, and at the same time seriously perform the following tasks:

The Domestic Market Department closely monitors market developments and prices of essential commodities, coordinates with relevant ministries, sectors, localities and units under the Ministry of Industry and Trade to assess the supply and demand of the most commodities. are essential food items, agricultural materials, and energy in order to proactively plan or propose to the Ministry measures to ensure adequate supply of goods, stabilize prices, and meet production needs. and life, not to happen shortage of goods, price fever.

Coordinate with relevant units of the Ministry of Finance to propose flexible management of petrol and oil prices, ensuring that domestic gasoline prices reflect and closely follow developments in petroleum product prices; calculate and use the price stabilization fund reasonably, especially in times when the world petroleum price level is high to limit sudden increase in domestic prices.

The General Department of Market Management directs market management forces in localities to focus on implementing market inspection and supervision plans, peak plans; promptly detect and strictly handle violations of the law on prices, acts of speculation, hoarding and taking advantage of epidemics to gain illicit profits; trading in smuggled goods, counterfeit goods, goods of poor quality, not ensuring food safety, disease safety and other commercial frauds; focusing on essential items such as food, foodstuffs, medical equipment, products for the prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic, confectionery, alcohol, beverages, tobacco, food items fresh products.

The Trade Promotion Department continues to implement measures to support enterprises to boost exports in the current period; closely monitor the import and export situation to coordinate with relevant units to take timely and reasonable management measures to ensure the domestic supply of essential goods even during an outbreak.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade requests the Departments of Industry and Trade of the provinces and centrally-run cities to actively advise the People’s Committees of the provinces and cities on the plan to prepare the source of goods and reserve essential goods for people’s consumption. in case of epidemic outbreak, take measures to stabilize the market according to the provisions of law; coordinate with the State Bank branches in provinces and cities to support and connect enterprises producing and distributing essential goods with credit institutions in the area to access loans with preferential interest rates. , stockpiling of goods stabilizes the market in the current situation.

Coordinate with the local Market Management Department to strengthen market inspection and supervision activities in the areas of price, product quality, food safety regulations, speculative acts, hoarding goods, increasing prices illegally in the locality. Where the above violations occur, the Department of Industry and Trade and the Department of Market Management in that locality are responsible.

At the same time, implementing solutions to promote the consumption of agricultural products with large output, already in the harvest season, prioritizing preliminary processing, processing, preservation and storage of agricultural products to ensure food safety. and safety against disease.

Dang Cong Khoi, Deputy Director of the Price Management Department, said that according to the Ministry of Finance’s estimate, if the consumer price index (CPI) in the remaining months increases at the same rate, in the remaining months, In addition, CPI each month still has room to increase by 0.66% to ensure the control target is below 4%. Therefore, it can be seen that controlling the average CPI for the whole year of 2021 at about 4% is still within the control of the Government if there are no too sudden factors.

However, a representative of the Price Management Department noted that there are still many potential risks to inflation control coming from the world situation, for example, the world price of fuel, steel billet, scrap steel may increase. sudden high, causing domestic prices to increase accordingly; trade tensions in countries, especially the US-China; geopolitical tensions in many territories.

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