Close-up of blood-like red crab in Thanh Hoa

The people of Thanh Hoa mountainous area call this eye-catching red crab as a mink or red crab according to their distinctive color.

People call this crab species mink or red crab according to their characteristic color.

Unlike many of their relatives, red crabs do not live near water but reside in caves that are dug deep into the mountainside.

Adult red crabs can weigh 3 ounces, a fairly large size in terrestrial crab species.

Red crab hunting season in Thanh Hoa lasts from March to August every year. At this time the crab meat is of the best quality.

To catch crabs, villagers have to use headphones to locate crabs and dig deep into the ground to grab them with their hands. The crab cave is about half a meter deep, but sometimes up to a meter.

During the flood season, because the crabs come to the ground, crab catching becomes easier, but also comes with a higher risk of natural disasters.

According to local people, red crab meat is sweet and firm, can be used to process many attractive dishes.


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