Chinese Enovate ME7 equipped with 5 screens, from 749 million VND

On September 19, 2020, Enovate Motors, a new electric vehicle startup in China, officially sold its first mass-produced car to the market. New Enovate ME7 2021. This electric SUV is built with a design concept roughly called “pioneering redevelopment aesthetic”. The vehicle’s interior space has up to 5 interconnected screens, emphasizing the technological properties, creating an intelligent cockpit.On the external form, Enovate ME7 runs on electricity with a modern look and many angular details. As an electric car, it adopts a closed grille, two headlights are LED and has a long bar design, connected by an LED strip below the bonnet, thereby creating the feeling of the car. wider than usual. The internal structure of the headlight and the lower air cavity are both horizontal lines similar to the brand’s logo, thereby further demonstrating the sophistication of the design team.The side of the car looks smooth, the ribbed at the bottom and the floating roof design make the Enovate ME7 less monotonous. This new electric car also uses a short front and tail design, combined with a wide wheel arch with black trim, and underneath is a set of two-tone sports-patterned wheels. All of these details help create a sporty, strong feeling for new car buyers. According to the manufacturer, the size of the car is 4,685 mm long, 1,970 mm wide, 1,660 mm high, and a wheelbase of 2,830 mm.The interior space of Enovate ME7 uses a star-style ambient light design. The front dashboard has 3 screens that can display interactively, in which the center screen is larger.In the rear, the car has installed 2 more screens, thereby creating a structure of “5 connected screens”. Overview of the car’s interior looks quite nice and luxurious, the seats are soft leather, the steering wheel is flat below.On the power side, the Enovate ME7 is equipped with an electric motor that produces 215 hp and 330 Nm of peak torque.In addition, the model is also equipped with the advanced L2 driving assistance system, including 16 intelligent driving assistance features including adaptive cruise control, automatic parking, automatic emergency braking …According to the manufacturer’s announcement, Enovate ME7 will have two long range versions and a total of 5 equipment versions. The travel distance of the two villages respectively is 410 km and 530 km according to the NEDC cycle. Enovate ME7 car prices after deduction of subsidy fees is from 218,800 to 289,800 yuan (equivalent to 749 – 992 million dong).Video: Chinese Enovate ME7 electric vehicle equipped with 5 screens.


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