China logistics grows steadily in the first half of 2022

ChinaThe Chinese government has stepped up measures to ensure smooth transportation logistics, stabilize supply chains, and promote economic development.

According to a report on the logistics industry of the China Federation of Logistics and Commerce published on June 28, the logistics sector showed steady growth in the first five months of 2022. In which, social logistics up 3% over the same period last year, reaching 128.800 billion yuan (about 19.240 billion USD).

On a monthly basis, the growth rate of this industry increased by 0.5% in May, outperforming the decrease of 3% in April. Since May, the epidemic situation has shown positive signs of improvement. The report also shows that the industrial product logistics sector also increased by 3.3% over the same period last year, in the January-May period.

Production activities and people’s daily life are also gradually restored, returning to normal as before the application of the restriction orders, towards “Zero Covid”. In general, logistics demand in the country of billions of people continues to expand with a slow but steady growth rate.

Crane operators unload goods at the Hangzhou Transfar high-speed port, Zhejiang, April 13, 2022. Image: Jiang Han

Earlier on June 27, Vice Minister of Transport Zhao Chongjiu said in a press conference that China has stepped up measures to ensure smooth logistics and freight circulation in the country. next time. This move is aimed at stabilizing the supply chain and industry, and promoting a strong economic recovery from the effects of the epidemic and the congested restrictions.

During the press conference, the Deputy Minister also added that the overarching policies and measures applied by some local governments have weakened the logistics system. Currently, the government is strengthening monitoring of these behaviors and taking timely corrective measures.

In addition, in order to facilitate production activities to return to normal, many new measures have also been implemented. All are aimed at enhancing transportation services, meeting the summer harvest season, and ensuring that logistics is not congested when moving through localities affected by floods and earthquakes. These measures also contribute to improving the operational efficiency of important focal points.

In addition, China also applies multilateral strategies to solve difficulties enterprises are facing in the process of production and operation. At the same time, the government also stepped up financial support for enterprises in the transport industry.

The logistics indicators in the above report partly show the effectiveness of the policies being implemented. China’s general economic index also improved positively thanks to smooth logistics. As of June 24, total cargo and container turnover at major ports this year increased by 0.9% and 2.3%, respectively, compared with a year ago.

Thy An (According to Xinhua)


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