Chen bought gold for good luck before the day of God of Fortune

There is one more day to come for Than Tai, but many people in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have been busy buying gold for luck, many places have to line up early in the morning.

The gold shop in Saigon was crowded before the day of Than Tai. Video: Cong Khang

As noted by VnExpressFrom early this morning (February 20), which is the 9th of the Lunar New Year, at the Head Office of Saigon Jewelry Company – SJC has quite a lot of customers coming to buy gold. Mr. Thanh – Binh Thanh said that due to fear of epidemic diseases and crowded days in the day of Than Tai, today he took advantage of buying a gold coin early to wish good luck for the whole year.

“Unexpectedly today there are many people buying gold like me. Therefore, even if going from early morning, but also have to queue for nearly 15 minutes to trade,” he said.

Mi Hong gold shops in the morning and early afternoon are also crowded with customers. In particular, 1-5 round smooth gold rings products are only quite attractive.

People queue to wait for the transaction.  Photo: Quynh Trang.

People lined up to wait for the transaction this morning. Image: Quynh Trang.

In Hanoi, the number of visitors to the transaction continued to increase today, after having been quite busy yesterday. At the gold shops in Cau Giay area, the line of people is getting longer and longer waiting for transactions, mostly buying.

A gold trading unit said that from the beginning of the morning, some people went to buy gold for luck. Gold traders said that the number of people buying gold from the first 6 of the year has increased compared to normal. As predicted, the 9th and 10th of the lunar calendar (God of Fortune), the number of visitors to the store will be more and more crowded.

Demand increased sharply before Than Tai day, SJC gold price decreased again this morning. At the beginning of the morning, the purchase and sale price of gold bars at DOJI Jewelry Group was listed around 55.6 – 56.5 million VND per tael, decreased by 100,000 VND to buy, but increased 200,000 VND to sell compared to the end of the afternoon. . The trade gap widened from 550,000 VND yesterday to 900,000 VND per tael.

A customer buys 4 golden trees on the morning of the 9th of the new year.  Photo: Quynh Trang.

A customer buys 4 golden trees on the morning of the 9th of the new year. Image: Quynh Trang.

By 9h15 am, the difference in selling price was narrowed to 700,000 VND per tael when the buying price increased to 55.7 million VND, the selling price decreased slightly to 56.4 million VND.

By 14h40, DOJI’s selling price continued to decrease by 100,000 VND per tael, down to nearly 56.3 million VND. Buy-in remained at 55.7 million dong / tael.

Meanwhile, the price of gold bars at Saigon Jewelry Company – SJC listed at 1440 am around 55.6 – 56.3 million dong, down 100,000 dong compared to the beginning of the morning. The trade gap was widened to 700,000 VND. At current prices, each gold bar is about 1 million dong / tael lower than before Tet.

The world gold price just closed the week at 1,784 USD / ounce, reversed to increase more than 15 USD compared to the beginning of the session after continuously going down in the past three days. If converted at bank rates (excluding taxes and fees), the world gold price is currently equivalent to VND49.7 million per tael, 6.8 million dong lower than the domestic price.

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