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– Leaving the position of leading a big bank to become the CEO of KDI Holdings, how are your feelings?

– Eager. That is how I feel now, like when I was young. Don’t be afraid of anything. Why do I say that, because basically 25 years after graduating from school, I only worked in two places. One place is 12 years, the other is 13 years. In fact, even though I stopped running Techcombank as a deputy general director, I am still on the board of directors of Techcombank as a vice chairman.

– What are your goals in this “conquest” of this new territory?

In my new position, I have new and old goals. On my career journey, there are long-term goals I’ve pursued since I was still in school – to create a differentiated success, a personal mark to contribute to myself, my family, the community. and society. In this change, I understand that I am entering a completely new field and always ready to learn from colleagues, partners, employees, and friends. In the short term, my most important goal is the successful implementation of a key project of KDI Holdings in this period – Vega City Nha Trang.

Overall perspective of the Vega City Nha Trang project of KDI Holdings Group.

– Why is KDI Holdings promoting the real estate segment when many businesses are facing difficulties by Covid-19?

– Those are important milestones in the roadmap to develop KDI Holdings’ next projects after Vega City Nha Trang. At this time, for us, the most devoted “child” is still Vega City Nha Trang. However, with an investor’s vision, we must start looking for the next steps in the journey to invest in another real estate sector.

Implementing a real estate project takes time, sometimes it takes 10 years, and the most favorable is 3-5 years. Although we are busy with Vega City Nha Trang project, we also have to prepare initial steps for the next projects including Vega City Van Don, Marina Van Don, the theme park of agriculture and biotechnology, a green new urban area development project in Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi …

These are the major major projects in the North, especially Quang Ninh province – where I consider a dynamic area and a potential destination for investors. Balancing advantages, disadvantages, beliefs and determination of KDI in implementing projects very steadily.

– Value is the “keyword” that any major corporation will mention; What is special about KDI Holdings’ value generation, sir?

– Value throughout the process of formation, development and operation of the business is very important. KDI Holdings is no exception. Of course, KDI is a young, new corporation with creative aspirations, operating in many fields, under the establishment and management of many successful people in different fields.

Forming the core values ​​of the corporation takes time. This is the period when we begin to build core values ​​for KDI Holdings. The Group has many unique qualities such as creativity, added values, choosing its own path as well as the “win – win” mindset to share its benefits with partners, customers, the community … .

– How are these values ​​realized by you and your partner?

– I want to contribute to KDI value – it is oriented towards meeting the needs of customers through which we can bring success. We have a concept that if we succeed in our partners and customers, we will also become successful. At KDI, we also focus on many other issues from education, to high-tech agriculture, real estate, furniture … Take for example the real estate sector, it’s not just a sentence. The traditional real estate story that we aim at complex real estate, real estate combined with tourism, investment, cultural experience …

Representative of Hanoi City handed to representatives of KDI Holdings a memorandum of understanding on investment cooperation in two projects in Bac Tu Liem district.

– Why do businesses choose to invest in STEM education?

– I think Vietnam’s development depends on how we invest in future generations. Investing in education is never late but requires commitment, sacrifice and a good vision for that story. Because we are more likely to be attracted to short results than by dying to wait 10, 20 years or even longer.

Education investment is an investment in “root” value. I claim we can completely do it. The good news is that Vietnam has invested heavily in this field recently. However, besides the State, investment in education requires huge socialization resources. Do not dissect too clearly in the angle of money investment, but it also requires the attention of each family, school, and teacher.

– What is the advantage of KDI Holdings in this segment?

– KDI is happy to be involved in the movement and change when investing in education. Developing computer skills – one of many skills that Vietnamese students need to close the gap with the common ground of the region and the world.

Vietnamese students’ competencies are very good in general, but when approaching big universities, at higher levels, or when working, they lack many skills. Vietnam needs to focus on training more on development skills for children rather than just cramming knowledge in the school stages.

When entering the education field, we also have a great ambition to popularize information technology skills to early age students.

– Where do you envision in the next 20 years Vietnam’s education will stand in the region and the world?

– I am not an educator, but from an investor’s perspective, I realize that we always have a gap with the developed countries. Looking at the change in contribution – investment in education such as technology, media dissemination, teaching methods … I think that gap has many opportunities to shorten. With the existing qualities of Vietnamese people, I believe 20 years from now, Vietnam will be a country with an educational background at a near level compared to developed countries.

Students participate in STEM.

– How is the agricultural sector playing a role in the multidisciplinary ecosystem of KDI Holdings?

For me, the newness not only comes from real estate but also from agriculture. KDI Holdings has “enlightened” me – who has 25 years of experience working in the banking sector – that there are still opportunities and other professions that contribute to the society, the economy, the opportunity to enrich the village. Dear, to benefit many others. I take this example to see the relationship in the investment chain of KDI. The educational story is “bone marrow”, agriculture is an inevitable part, it can be compared to “living plastic” in the “body” of the country.

– What does KDI Holdings expect when investing in agriculture?

– Vietnam has the strength of agricultural development, but its contribution to GDP is very limited. Why do we export so much but still have a trade deficit in terms of exchanging goods with other countries? Looking at the prism of the Japanese economy, Vietnamese agriculture is not inferior, but by the way we plan and invest in agriculture. Agriculture can completely become a spearhead economy and a strength of any country. I want to analyze the drilled difference in terms of investment purpose.

KDI Holdings develops high-tech agriculture in Dak Lak – a large land area, with many favorable natural conditions, but the soil is arid, barren, and limited in added value. As for bananas, for Vietnamese people is a very ordinary product that can be found anywhere. But if you have the opportunity to go abroad, you will see that the delicious and beautiful bananas in their country are displayed on the shelves in supermarkets with a value that is 5-7 times higher, sometimes 10 times the value of it at the real place. export in Vietnam.

Why, what is the difference: big, beautiful, regular, round, attractive … Here, we see a banana: dark, black, ugly, small fruit … That’s it, equally, bananas are still bananas, with so many nutrients in a banana, but the investment from formality to food safety and hygiene standards, “find the way” to the consumer will really Adds more value to the banana. Therefore, KDI’s investment in growing high-tech bananas in the Central Highlands has solved many of the above problems at the same time.

KDA banana production line in Dak Lak.

– How are your agricultural projects developing now?

– KDI has created a green “oasis” in an old forest that is wild and barren. In order to solve the problem of favorable output for a banana, even the rudimentary transportation system in this land is conveniently invested by us. When entering the banana farm, you will immediately see a wonderful green “oasis” with straight banana lines, tall, with rows of bananas up to 4 meters high. Infrastructure for planting and exploiting bananas with automatic pulleys is very modern, with banana cells weighing 45kg.

In addition, we want to further expand the KDI banana market in many countries at reasonable prices. With such goals in mind, I believe there has been a change not only for the banana but also for the lives of the local people. In addition to creating job conditions, KDI also “discovers” for local people new opportunities, directions, and perspectives on how to create a better life on the agricultural products they do. out.

Banana farm KD Green Farm of KDI Holdings Group.

Corals are restored and regenerated at Tien beach, Vega City Nha Trang project

– In addition to agriculture, KDI Holdings also devotes a lot to investment in coral conservation in Nha Trang waters. Specifically what is this plan?

Vietnam is endowed with nature, from mountains to forests to the sea. It is a wonderful resource that descendants of many generations can enjoy. The development of life has made people realize more and more of the dangers that negatively impact natural ecosystems. That doesn’t just happen in Vietnam. Pollution of sea, natural resources, coral … takes place in most countries.

I and many associates have the desire to experience scuba diving and watching the coral reefs. However, concerns about a day of beautiful natural “assets” are no longer real. An ordinary person will have commitments to join hands, contribute his own from reducing emissions, propagating the harmful effects of environmental pollution, donating to the environmental fund … Investors, KDI also want to contribute a part to do, meaning in the effort to preserve the natural environment and natural resources.

The regeneration of coral reefs in Nha Trang is a long-term common concern, on the one hand, predestined. When investing in Nha Trang, we also impact the environment more or less. For example, even building a house on our family’s parcel in the alley outside the street affects the surrounding environment from raw materials, noise, dust … We can only make a commitment. sustainable exploitation, control and environmental protection, avoid irreversible factors.

From the perspective of the unit of investment – exploitation there should be responsible. In 2019, KDI has successfully contributed and invited funding for the coral regeneration project in Nha Trang Bay area. This project is part of a cooperation project between KDI and Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography.

One of our foreign partners is willing to join forces to build a Coral Renewal Development Fund. That makes us proud because it partly affects investors interested in environmental protection in Vietnam.

Content: Tam Anh


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