Cat survives hours of being heated under a car engine

The driver recorded a video to rescue the cat after hours of being trapped in the car engine.

Settache Guedchai, living in Bangkok, Thailand, heard the faint meow of a cat coming from the front of the car. The driver discovered the incident during the morning rush hour in Bangkok on the way to work from about 29 km long.

Watch video:Cat survives hours of being heated under a car engine

The stray cat for unknown reasons got stuck in the engine of Settache Guedchai’s car. At first, the driver, confused, pulled over to the side of the road, checked the station in his car, but found nothing suspicious.

Following the strange meow, he went outside and was surprised to discover a male cat lurking in the car engine.

Video circulating on social media shows Settachet Guedchai opening the front cover of a car, using his bare hands to pull the cat out. Netizens shared a touching video showing Settache Guedchai comforting the cat, helping it to be less scared. The cat’s position was out of reach inside the engine of Settache Guedchai’s car, so the driver managed to get close to the animal.

Settache Guedchai tries to get the cat to move to an open, more visible area than it originally was. The cat obeyed him and then Settache Guedchai could easily take it out.

After rescuing the cat, Settache decided to adopt the small kitten as a pet. Settache Guedchai said: “I was surprised to see that the little cat was still alive in a position that was stuck in the car engine. I drove 29km to get to the office.”

In 2019, a cat got stuck in a car engine and was discovered by a driver in Wales with severe burns. It was stuck for a long time and was only discovered after the driver had traveled 33 km.

Driver Andrew Higgins set off from his home in Rhyl, north Wales, but after driving 33km he felt the car slow down. Suspecting the car had a problem, he stopped, parked on the curb to check, when he opened the bonnet, he discovered that the neighbor’s cat Paws had been in it ever since.

It was stuck for several hours before being discovered. The 6-month-old cat suffered burns but was fortunately still alive when Andrew Higgins returned it to a neighbor.


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