Car manufacturers provide the most “vegetarian materials” in the world

Use Vegetarian materials for cars is becoming more and more popular with more and more car manufacturers following this trend, not only to attract vegetarian customers but also to make the business more sustainable in the long run. A new study by the website Dick Lovett shows which companies are offering the most samples Vehicles using vegetarian materials most, using resources from PETA.

There is one thing worth mentioning first: “total number of samples Vegetarian friendly car” listed in the ranking is most likely just the total number of equipment versions available. If so, then Dicklovett’s comparison would not be accurate because some car manufacturers offer a much larger number of models and equipment versions. What’s more, Dick Lovett doesn’t specify in which markets it conducts research – for example, GMC is not present in the UK, Smart is not present in the US, while others are present in both. places with differentiated product lines.

List of the most vegan-friendly car manufacturers according to Dick Lovett

Either way, Ford has been named the most vegan-friendly company with 28 vegan versions, including the standard-equipped Mustang Mach-E with an all-furnated interior. vegetarian. Honda is the second ranked name with 20 versions, including the standard CR-V and the new HR-V. Third place goes to Nissan with 19 versions, thanks to the fact that the company does not offer a standard leather steering wheel in entry-level variants of popular models like the Juke or Qashqai in Europe.

Other notable automakers on the list include Smart, which is offering 17 vegan-friendly versions, followed by Kia and Hyundai with 15 and 14 versions, respectively.

According to Dicklovett, Mercedes-Benz currently offers 13 versions of vegetarian equipment, a number that is somewhat too small for a car manufacturer with so many popular models. Mercedes is known for offering sustainable options such as Artico artificial leather or Dinamica artificial suede, so the number of versions equipped above is surprisingly low. The same thing happens with BMW when there are only 5 versions of vegetarian equipment despite providing many options for customers, especially for the BMW i electric car that focuses on sustainability.

While this study shows the current state of the auto industry, it is certain that in a few years customers will have more vegan-friendly options for upholstery and trim from all over the world. producer. Combined with that is the sustainable use of recycled materials for the rest of the cabin.


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