BYD F3 “Song Dynasty” style is super cheap, only 155 million VND

Like many other Chinese car manufacturers, BYD car brand have trouble saying goodbye to old models, even though they are now completely out of tune with their new models in all aspects of style, technology, image and even brand logo.Today, BYD is known as a manufacturer of purebred electric and hybrid cars with beautiful design, high technology, and strong performance. However, “the Song model” New BYD F3 2020 with a design quite similar to the old Toyota still being sold until now.Specifically, the BYD F3 is a 5-seater C-class sedan launched in 2005. Over 15 years on the market, it has received a lot of updates, mainly changes to the nose, but The basic design and chassis system remain the same.In the past week, BYD has released the latest variant of the F3, and while it is true that the 4-door sedan has once again got a slight aesthetic upgrade, that’s not enough to hide the fact it came from. another era. The most obvious point is that the interior with a prominent dashboard looks … outdated. Even the car is still equipped with an SD card slot, something no one is using anymore.In terms of machines, the BYD F3 2020 is equipped with a 1.5-liter petrol engine, producing 108 hp and 148 Nm of maximum torque.This prehistoric engine worked with a 5-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive. A perfect combination for … experienced veterans.Lastly and most importantly, the main reason why this car is still being sold on the Chinese market is its price. Not surprisingly, Price BYD F3 2020 extremely cheap, ranging from 44,900 to 50,800 yuan (equivalent to 155 – 176 million dong).Video: Detail of cheap Chinese BYD F3 sedan.


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