BMW M4 F82 more than 4 billion, nearly 600 horsepower “crisis” in Vietnam

As is known, the VietRally 2021 journey that has just taken place can be considered as the largest supercar event ever in Vietnam. This event has attracted a lot of attention from the public, with the participation of more than 50 super products of all famous brands such as The great BMW or luxury car Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, McLaren or Ferrari.In this supercar event of European stature and monumental scale, the appearance of a single rare BMW M4 with outstanding appearance has made many people feel extremely excited. Price of BMW M4 F82 in Vietnam when launching to 4,383 billion. However, this level also costs the owner billions of dong.However, the biggest highlight that makes this M4 always in the top of VietRally 2021, even making many supercars feel “terrified” is that the power level has been increased to nearly 600 horsepower. This 600 horsepower figure is not inferior to other supercars joining VietRally 2021. Besides, up to now, this is also the M4 with the most “toys” in Vietnam. The appearance of this BMW also made fans admire when it was changed into many colors with different styles. During the VietRally 2021 journey, the BMW M4 F82 was designed a different stamp set by the owner compared to the previous “changing clothes”. The samurai-shaped stamp on the body with some fancy design motifs appearing on the rear half of the body, the orange exterior paint also gradually changes from the front to the rear to bring a strong and full look. energy.It is known that this unique M4 is currently owned by the owner of the garage GTA Wrapping & Tuning – an address that specializes in upgrading BMW models in Saigon. In the past, this BMW M4 was present at almost every event, big and small, organized by the BMW Club Vietnam Club. However, joining VietRally 2021 this time is said to confirm the strength of the BMW cars that are not inferior to any other super car.With a small number of cars in Vietnam, owners of BMW sports cars show off their hobby with expensive “toys”. Piece The only BMW M4 in Vietnam This uses a twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder, 3.0L capacity that produces a maximum capacity of 431 hp and maximum torque of 550 Nm. However, with the expensive upgrades that the owner has made, this M4 is capable of reaching a maximum capacity of nearly 600 horsepower.Video: Watch the BMW M4 F82 play the most in Vietnam.


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