BMW i8 is “reborn” as an Italian supercar, selling VND 21.8 billion

After being produced for 6 years, sample BMW i8 hybrid sports car was “retired” in April this year. Currently, BMW has no plans to build a successor model, but recently, the hybrid sports car has been “reborn” by the Italian company 1-Off.Specifically, the BMW i8 revitalizes the Italian supercar called Taraschi Berardo to pay tribute to Italian driver Berardo Taraschi, who founded the Meccanica Taraschi company, which develops a series of sports cars and exams. The special project was sponsored by Berardo’s son, Tazio Taraschi, with the help of Squadra Corse Taraschi, a team dedicated to providing advice, spare parts, and assistance. Technical assistance to collectors who own the original vehicle developed by Berardo Taraschi.Launched at the Automobile Museum of Turin, Taraschi Berardo combines classic style with modern plug-in hybrid technology. Inspired by the 1953 Giaur 750 Sport Champion, one of Taraschi’s most successful competition cars, the BMW i8 has put on a completely new body with handcrafted aluminum panels.Taraschi Berardo supercar with curvy lines, a clearly sloping front, oval headlights, a redesigned grille, and a longer body. In other words, it’s almost impossible to recognize this as a BMW i8.The only original design detail that remains is the i8’s luxurious butterfly door system. Inside, the lavish interior of Taraschi Berardo is covered with wood and high-quality leather. The i8’s digital instrument panel, air-conditioning doors and 8.8-inch screen are retained, but the center console has been redesigned.Like i8, Taraschi Berardo supercar There is a trag equipped with a 3-cylinder 1.5 liter capacity, combined with an electric motor. While the i8 produces 374 hp, Berardo has been increased to 420 horsepower.Company 1-Off can also increase capacity to 470 horsepower or 520 horsepower if desired. Not surprisingly, this BMW i8-based Italian supercar is not cheap. According to the announcement, Taraschi Berardo car price will sell up to 800,000 euros (equivalent to 21.8 billion) – almost 7 times more expensive than the original i8.Video: Watch the Italian supercar brand Taraschi Berardo.


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