Blizwheel E-Scooter – the world’s smallest electric scooter from only 300 USD

Although electric scooters today are very convenient and highly portable, they can still be improved or better. That’s what Blizwheel is trying to do by creating a Blizwheel E-Scooter electric 2 wheels can be folded and fit into your backpack.Blizwheel is a company based in California, USA, and their compact electric scooter plans to take the concept of mobility to another level. Introduced as a model The world’s smallest e-scooter, Blizwheel’s products are not only 70% lighter than regular scooters, but also have a very small design that allows you to fold and store in a desk drawer when at the office.With dimensions when folded is only 39.6 x 16.2 x 9.9 cm, this electric scooter model has three versions including standard, Air Special, and a Pro version. In addition, Blizwheel offers a version called Lite, but this one is not electric, so we will focus only on the other three.The standard version weighs only 3.9 kg, while the Air Special is even lighter than that at 3.5 kg. The Pro version is the “heaviest” of the three versions when weighing up to 5.4 kg. The maximum payload of the first two versions is 80 kg, while the Pro version alone has a payload of 90 kg. Perhaps the extra weight has made the Pro more resistant, and can carry a higher load.If buyers opt for the standard Blizwheel or the Air Special, you’ll get a battery range of 13 km and a top speed of about 20 km/h. The Pro version increases those numbers at 24 km for range and 24 km/h for top speed.Besides, this minimalist and minimalist looking electric scooter is also smarter than you think in terms of design and features. It can stand on its own without you holding it, and has a dedicated app to lock its electric motor.On the handlebars is an LED screen that gives you information related to speed, battery capacity, distance traveled, etc. Currently, the Blizwheel scooter is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign.Price of Blizwheel E-Scooter the standard version requires a commitment of at least 300 USD, the Air Special version 479 USD and the Pro version 499 USD. The manufacturer is expected to start shipping in May 2022.Video: Blizwheel E-Scooter – the world’s smallest electric scooter.


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