Black Vau’s ‘Bring money home’ and the answer to his mother’s true wish

MV ‘Bringing money home’ – Source: Den Vau

That’s the title, and Den Vau thinks that’s never what her mother expected. What I want is not that my children have to break the heavens, do this or that, but simply, just watch them come into the world to support themselves, become decent people, that’s enough. already.

And the rap song that Black has cherished for the past 4 years is a message on behalf of children who are far away from home to their mothers: “My son is just a servant but wants life to treat his mother like a queen”, “Bring money back to your mother, don’t bring your troubles back.”.

For the first time, Black himself took on up to 5 different character images in an MV with bold Vietnamese colors

With Go home released near the Lunar New Year 2021 and now Bring money home for mom, Black Vau’s music seems to become the sound of spring coming, making people’s hearts flutter before the moment of reunion after a year of traveling outside.

Like Taking each other to hide, Following the shadow of the sun, Ten years, Two million years nice Hide and seek, God I don’t want to die yet…; Bring money home for mom continue to be the lyrics that will accompany the growth of so many young people today, and it is not outside of the formula of the hit brand Den Vau: an enchanting chorus that evokes nostalgia. sublimated on the narrative rap, lyrical.

Bringing money back to Black Vau's mother and the answer to her mother's true wish - Photo 3.

As a lyrical vocalist loved by many audiences, Nguyen Thao hid for a long time before accepting the invitation to collaborate with Black.

After Ngoc Linh, the group MTV, JustaTee, Min…, the one to join Black this time is Nguyen Thao – a leading vocalist but has been absent from the music industry for a long time.

The mix is ​​performed in the RnB style, making an auditory impression, especially in the lullaby that combines trap music with strong percussion instruments, giving a feeling of both sacred and nostalgic – nostalgic. helping people to appreciate more each day to live, work and be loved.

Bringing money back to Black Vau's mother and the answer to her mother's true wish - Photo 4.

In the MV, Black transforms into boys who do many different jobs, from a fisherman, a mechanical worker to a teacher who teaches students words… who are anxiously missing their mother during the New Year’s Day to spring.

The 32-year-old understands that the story of a living is still going on every hour, and sometimes because of the hustle and bustle of making money, many people neglect family matters.

Without judgment, Black just reminds us of what we inadvertently forget, before life turns around: Who taught the first voice? Whose hand is the first handwriting? Who is the first mistake to correct? Whose first fall in life is lifted? It’s the mother… The best song in the world is the mother’s lullaby in the midday sun. The longest days in the world are when my mother goes to the market and has not returned. The most delicious food in the world is the rice that my mother cooks in a cast-iron pot.”

The rap song is like an arrow hitting two targets, both expressing the hearts of children for their parents and pouring honey into the ears of parents who are older audiences.

Bringing money back to Black Vau's mother and the answer to her mother's true wish - Photo 5.

Black himself commented that his acting was not good, but director Hoang Thanh Dong understood and put the rapper in the most familiar scenes for him to easily catch up with.

Let’s see how Den Vau plays rhyming words with 4 consecutive words “midfield”, “precedent”, “premise” and “currency”: “Give me money, I’m a midfielder. Don’t do bad things, it will set a precedent. Hard work, more than premise. Take good money, don’t take money.”

Black’s music is where many people find themselves in, Black calls them his homonyms. And director Hoang Thanh Dong is truly a “genuine” homonym of Black when he brings frames as if he were making shoes for each note.

MV Bring money home for mom brings the daily life and working atmosphere of Vietnamese people through the image of a peaceful village with tiled roofs, vegetable gardens, communal courtyards, images of nursing exercises, lion dance…

Bringing money back to Black Vau's mother and the answer to her mother's true wish - Photo 6.

Interspersed with the lives of parents at home are the images of children busy making a living by different occupations.

Choose a topic that will bring tears to the listener’s eyes, but this time, Black still maintains the mood to make music to “chill Vietnamese people”. Perhaps that’s why the rapper ended the rap with a funny joke, but it’s also true instead of “no house without a roof”: “Bring the money back to your mother, if you need it, ask for it, haha”.

Nearly half of the song later had a melodious aura as the background of the song, reminiscent of traditional lullabies, and brought a new color to a rap song.

“When I heard the voice of ‘Oh’ in the songs of Ms. Thu Hien and other veteran artists, I was very moved. It’s very difficult to express in this song, but fortunately, Nguyen Thao is both a mother and a seasoned vocalist. Oh dear in Bring money home for mom young, dynamic and modern spirit of a mother in this period” – Black shared.

A homophone of Den Vau expressed: “Each of Black’s musical products is not simply a song but also a lesson, a message, a good and meaningful value. No need to be fancy or sophisticated, just simple and rustic things have gone deep into people’s hearts.

Thank you Black for creating such a song in the last days of 2021 full of disasters and storms, so many children have lost their parents forever. Each song, each word is not only to be heard but also felt with the heart.


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