Black Vau admits ‘not participating in rap competitions’, Jack and K-ICM are going down?

Jack, Black Bau, K-ICM – Photo: FBNV

* Black Vau admitted to being limited and did not participate in rap competitions

Den Vau has just announced that this rapper will not participate in rap competitions because he sees his level as limited.

He wrote on his personal page: “I know many people expect me to be on the air, but I find that my level is still limited so I hope you sympathize. Black also has many friends and brothers participating in the contest, By the way, I would like to remind the homies that anyone who considers this a game, let’s play for fun, really “.

Listen to Black rap ‘It’s cloudy today’ – Source: BLACK

Previously, Suboi confirmed not participating, longer Binz, Karik, Wowy have announced that they will be accompanying the show. SpaceSpeakers also announced season 2 that 6 members of the group will participate.

Den Vau announced this information before the rap shows were casting because there are currently many disturbing information about the participation of rappers in the Vietnamese rap.

* H’Hen Niê, Diem My voices the animation ‘Save ralph’

With the desire to call for an end to the testing of cosmetics on animals globally, Humanitarian Organization cooperates with filmmakers and Hollywood movie stars such as Taika Waititi, Ricky Gervais, Zac Efron, Olivia Munn. … produce cartoon named Save ralph. Spencer Susser is the screenwriter and director.

Black Vau admits not participating in rap competitions, Jack and K-ICM are going down?  Photo 3.

Diem My and H’Hen Niê’s increasingly beautiful beauty – Photo: NVCC

Save ralph Portuguese, Spanish, and French versions are being released with the voices of Rodrigo Santoro, Denis Villeneuve and many more actors. Particularly, the Vietnamese version was voiced by Miss H’Hen Niê and actress Diem My.

The film was born to promote interest in experimental animals suffering from multiple injuries, and is aimed at the mission of banning animal testing.

* Jack released the MV for his birthday, K-ICM continued to say goodbye to his companion APJ

On the evening of April 12, Jack released the MV Laylalay to celebrate my 24th birthday. Recently, Jack’s announcement in a fan group made many people stir, when he said it would only be a singer 7 to 8 years from now.

Teaser of Jack’s new song – Source: J97

Actually, MV Laylalay Many viewers are expected to make things happen, to help Jack regain his form later Begonia flowers and Firefly Despite gaining views, sounding good, but again does not produce a strong effect like when we collaborated with K-ICM.

With producer K-ICM also announced the end of the partnership with fellow APJ. The producer ‘s succession of recent productions with singer partners has been seen as lackluster. K-ICM has yet to find a suitable singer who can “sublimate” on his mixes.

Black Vau admits not participating in rap competitions, Jack and K-ICM are going down?  Photo 5.

Compared to K-ICM, Jack still has many breakthroughs and is a name that has received more expectations – Photo: FBNV

It seems that after everyone left, the music industry’s cult rookie couple lost their sublimation every day.

Jack cooperated with all famous names like Hoaprox, DTAP, ViruSs and K-ICM also continuously “changed blood” to change partners, but the two still had no products that really exploded and covered like before. .

* Two Korean directors praised Li Hai’s ‘Flip 5’

Director Lee Hwan Kyung and Kim Sung Su (of the films Miracles in cell number 7, Pandemic flu) praise Turn over 5 because of family affection and action.

Black Vau admits not participating in rap competitions, Jack and K-ICM are going down?  Photo 6.

Photo: Directors Lee Hwan Kyung and Kim Sung Su – Photo: KOREATIMES / HANKOOKI

Director Lee Hwan Kyung liked Turn Over: 48h because of the emotional element expressed through the family of the main character Hien (played by Vo Thanh Tam). Director Lee likes the role of mother and daughter of Oc Thanh Van and baby Bao Thy. He said: “The acting of the mother and daughter characters is very sincere and not overly. This is the factor that helps viewers feel understanding and empathy.

About the action part of Turn Over: 48hMr. Lee was impressed with the rickshaw chasing in the middle of the market and said that the scene was very Vietnamese. And Kim Sung Su, the blockbuster director The Flu (Pandemic flu)commented that the film has continuous action from the beginning, with fast tempo, so viewers are caught up.

Ly Hai told a behind-the-scenes story of four times turning a canoe while filming the action. Flip: 48h

Kim Sung Su pays attention to the intentional arrangement of real space in the frames. Usually, action movies create a theatrical space, separate from reality for easy control. But director Ly Hai chose to do the opposite. He put action scenes into life space.

Picasso’s painting is valued at 1,200 billion dong

Work Femme Assise Près d’une Fenêtre (roughly translated: The woman sits by the windowPicasso’s will be auctioned off on May 11. It is expected that the painting will exceed 55 million USD (equivalent to 1,200 billion VND).

Black Vau admits not participating in rap competitions, Jack and K-ICM are going down?  Photo 8.

Previous auction, in 2013, the work was purchased for 44.8 million USD – Photo: AP

Painting in the stage of the painter “dating” model Marie-Thérèse Walter, she was only 17 years old. This was also the time when he was having trouble in her marriage to Olga Khokhlova. A secret love affair with Marie-Thérèse Walter gave Picasso an intense creative inspiration, and led to the birth of a series of masterful paintings.

The painting was drawn in 1932, this is also the year that marked an important turning point in the career of the painter. The work is 1.5m high and still retains the status quo from color to shape.

National costume “pray for relief” is controversial

The idea of ​​a national costume to simulate a form of a rural toilet “bridge to the ground” is controversial when it appears in the national costume selection contest for the Vietnamese representative at Miss International Queen.

Black Vau admits not participating in rap competitions, Jack and K-ICM are going down?  Photo 9.

This is the idea of ​​Ly Thi Ut Lanh (SN 2004) – Photo: BTC

Accordingly, the costume with the bottom part recreates the image of the water flow with the fish. When performing, the wearer holds in his hand toilet paper and then disassembles the model to show off his physique.

This design is currently controversial on social networks because “bridge bridge” is a form of sanitation that adversely affects the environment, especially in populated areas in the West River region. And the author of it wants to convey a very specific culture in the Vietnamese life through this design.

On social networks, many opinions opposed this design and asked the contest organizers to search for costumes out of these ideas from the “parking ring”, rather than posting them to create controversy.


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