Binh Phuoc real estate faces many potentials for development

Positive changes in infrastructure, development orientation, open policies, convenient for investment … have created development momentum for Binh Phuoc in recent years.

Binh Phuoc belongs to the key economic region of the South which has industrial strength when it owns 13 industrial parks with a total area of ​​4,686 hectares, of which 8 industrial zones have been completely invested in infrastructure and put into operation. Many industrial clusters are also planned, built, and put into operation as auxiliary satellites for industrial zones.

Binh Phuoc is also a gateway and a bridge to connect Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong with the Central Highlands provinces, Laos and Cambodia through National Highway 13, National Highway 14, Hoa Lu international border gate …

Binh Phuoc concentrates on many large-scale industrial zones. Source: Cattuonghome

In particular, in terms of infrastructure, road projects are constantly being invested to expand, offering innovation opportunities.

A series of important transport projects have been implemented in Binh Phuoc such as: Binh Phuoc – Tan Van route through industrial zones with Thi Vai – Cai Mep seaport and Tan Son Nhat international airport; the expressway of Ho Chi Minh City – Chon Thanh – Dak Nong, Dong Phu – Binh Duong; the railway project of Di An – Hoa Lu; Highway 14 C connecting Dak Nong with Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh, Long An; Project DT 741 expanded; Hoa Lu dry port; Dong Nai Bridge …

According to many experts, although Binh Phuoc has a starting point that is not equal to that of neighboring provinces, with positive changes in all aspects from infrastructure, transport connections, policy mechanisms … awakening the potential for development of Binh Phuoc in recent years.

In 2021, the approved Vanh Dai road project will bring significant advantages for Binh Phuoc. After completion, Ho Chi Minh route will connect Binh Phuoc with other key provinces such as the Central Highlands and Southeast provinces. This is a great step forward not only meeting the needs of mobility but also opening up great development for trade and trade, and socio-economic upgrade.

City land, ‘rural’ prices

To break through, Binh Phuoc province has made changes in the investment incentive mechanism to attract capital. Investors enjoying preferential policies have the opportunity to enjoy tax exemption, support for advertising, trade promotion, cheap land lease … The province’s open and favorable policies also facilitate the Investors intend to pour capital into this area.

2018 is considered a turning point of development of Binh Phuoc province when Dong Xoai town officially moves to Dong Xoai city. Also in 2018, the province successfully organized an investment promotion conference, attracting more than 1.13 billion USD to invest in 24 new projects.

By 2020, the wave of investment in Binh Phuoc will continue to increase strongly, thanks to the province continuously improving its policy of attracting investment, doing well in epidemic prevention and fighting and providing sufficient human resources for businesses.

At the investment promotion conference held at the end of 2020, the People’s Committee of Binh Phuoc province awarded investment policy decisions, investment registration certificates to 35 enterprises implementing 46 projects that have been investing in the area. table with a total registered capital equivalent to 2 billion USD.

Compared with busy industrial cities, Dong Xoai city has many potentials that have not been fully explored. The urban picture is gradually being completed, opening up many investment opportunities.

Dong Xoai is considered a rare case located in the vicinity of Ho Chi Minh City, but many downtown areas are priced from 6 million / m2.

The land market in Dong Xoai has a lot of potential since it officially came to the city.  Source:

The land market in Dong Xoai has a lot of potential since it officially came to the city. Source:

The attractive price, benefiting from the outstanding economic development, especially industry, the development of infrastructure … has created an attraction for Dong Xoai real estate market. From 2017 to now, the real estate market of Dong Xoai in particular and Binh Phuoc province in general has attracted a large number of large investors to invest.

Dong Phu - Binh Phuoc Industrial, Service and Urban Complex.

Dong Phu – Binh Phuoc Industrial, Service and Urban Complex.

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