Ben Tre will become a place to test and apply new technologies and models

The new Ben Tre province digital transformation project approved the vision to 2030 Ben Tre becomes a leading province in the digital transformation of the Mekong Delta, a place for testing and applying technologies and tissues. new image.

To build Ben Tre into a digital enterprise development center

On October 9, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ben Tre province Cao Van Trong signed a decision approving the project to transform the number of Ben Tre province in the period 2020-2025, with a vision to 2030.

Emphasizing the need to build a provincial digital transformation project, Ben Tre People’s Committee said that the fourth industrial revolution, with digital transformation at its core, is an unprecedented development opportunity in the calendar. history, the opportunity for Ben Tre to catch up, accompany and possibly surpass other provinces.

Project of defining a vision to 2030 Ben Tre becomes a province in the leading group in converting the Mekong Delta region; is a place to test and apply new technologies and models; to synchronously develop digital government, digital economy and digital society.

Regarding the target, the Ben Tre province digital transformation project aims to be a comprehensive digital transformation in socio-economic fields; improve management capacity, administration of the government at all levels, production and business activities of enterprises; ensure social security and welfare and improve people’s life; Effective response to climate change, prevention of natural disasters and environmental protection.

To build Ben Tre into a digital enterprise development center, training human resources for digital transformation of the province and the Mekong Delta, a typical locality in digital transformation in the tourism sector and Agriculture.

The project also sets out specific goals for the development of the digital government, digital economy and digital society of Ben Tre through 2025 and up to 2030.

In particular, the goals for digital government development to 2025 include: 100% online public services guaranteed level 4, provided on a variety of access means, including mobile devices. ; 60% of management data of state administrative agencies from provincial to communal level is digitized, stored centrally in the Provincial Data Integration Center and put into efficient exploitation …

Also by 2025, the digital economy will make up at least 10% of the GRDP of Ben Tre province; the proportion of digital economy in each branch or field reaches at least 5%; annual labor productivity increases at least 5%; Ben Tre is in the group of 30 leading provinces in the ranking of IT;

Optical fiber broadband infrastructure covers over 80% of households, 100% of communes; universalizing 4G / 5G mobile phone services and smart mobile phones; and the proportion of the population with an electronic payment account of more than 50%.

Digital infrastructure development is ready to meet the exploding demand for connectivity

The Ben Tre digital transformation project also defines groups of tasks and solutions to develop a digital transformation platform, digital government, digital economy, and digital society.

Eight key groups of tasks to develop Ben Tre’s digital transformation platform include: cognitive transformation; institutional construction; developing digital infrastructure; data development; building a digital platform; ensure safety and security; international cooperation, research, development and innovation in the digital environment; human resource development.

In particular, in terms of digital infrastructure development, according to the Project, digital infrastructure in Ben Tre will be focused on development, ready to meet the explosive needs of data connection and processing. The functions of network monitoring to each node and ensuring safety and security will also be integrated right from the design, construction.

Specifically, Ben Tre will coordinate with businesses to implement the program, one smartphone per person, one cable for each household and one digital address; piloting and replicating the construction and use of 5G networks together with building the process of eliminating 2G, 3G networks in Ben Tre; ensure 4G coverage at all points in Ben Tre province until 2022.

At the same time, to restructure IT infrastructure towards the use of the cloud, supplement and upgrade the infrastructure of hardware, servers, and workstations to meet the demand for IT in the digital transformation phase; build a data center backup solution of the province to ensure the principle of 24/7 operation in different bad situations …

With the task of developing human resources, Ben Tre will step by step build and develop human resources in the province with solutions such as: building IT training programs in state agencies into experts. digital transformation in industries; formulating a training program to improve digital skills for cadres, civil servants and public employees in state agencies; building communication plans, popularizing digital skills for people and businesses …


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