Be careful when downloading the Windows 11 installer from the Internet

Taking advantage of users’ interest in the new operating system version, hackers create fake Windows 11 installers, containing a series of adware and malicious code.

Kaspersky has discovered a new form of attack targeting computer users. Accordingly, the bad guys trick users into downloading the fake Windows 11 installer, which has no effect on upgrading the operating system, on the contrary, it contains a lot of malicious code.

Hackers spread on the Internet a file named “86307_windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe”, 1.75 GB in size. Inside, they include a DLL file containing a lot of useless information to pretend to be a legitimate Windows 11 installation tool, and increase the capacity to a level that is almost like an operating system installer.

According to Kaspersky, when the user downloads and launches the file, the file invokes a regular Windows installation wizard. After some steps, the process ends with a license agreement with the note “some sponsored software will be installed”.

If users choose to agree, hackers will install a series of malware, instead of just adding popular games like Candy Crush.

Kaspersky says injected malware can range from a variety of different types, from relatively harmless adware (security tools don’t consider it a virus), to trojans, stealing tools, and so on. passwords, exploits, and a host of other malicious code.

Russian security firm has prevented hundreds of attacks related to Windows 11. Kaspersky recommends users not to download shared installers floating on the Internet.

The only way to safely experience Windows 11 early is to sign up Windows Insider Program and get the official upgraded version from Microsoft.


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