Bach Mai Hospital: 51% of the staff are satisfied with their leadership

The Ministry of Health is implementing a hospital quality assessment and examination, surveying patient satisfaction and medical staff in 2020-2021 with a series of hospitals across the country.

In Bach Ma Hospitali, the survey results have 74% of inpatients satisfied with the hospital, this rate for outpatients is 82%. Meanwhile, the survey on satisfaction of health workers with the hospital was quite low, only 3.5 / 5 (in previous years, it was over 4).

Notably, out of 2,014 out of 4,300 surveyed employees and workers, only 15.3% were fully satisfied with the hospital, 51% were generally satisfied with the hospital leadership; 63% said that they will stick with the hospital for a long time; 70% proposed to increase the income. The entire survey is conducted online, with anonymity guaranteed.

Among the opinions reflected in this survey, many people reflect that the work is overloaded, the duty has no compensatory days off, high pressure, stress, too low income, not enough. living expenses, less manpower, lack of equipment, lack of gloves for employees (employees must use plastic gloves), fairer penalties, need to motivate, encourage and listen to employees more … “Hospitals cut staff money, many departments owe AB income to 7 months … making their life extremely difficult, life is not guaranteed. Many good doctors and doctors quit hospital, moved to work .. “- an opinion stated in the survey result sheet.

Satisfaction survey results are conducted by the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment (Ministry of Health)

Meanwhile, there are suggestions: “The hospital needs to renovate the working environment of the emergency room, ensure the space is large enough, cool, enough bed, stretcher, equipment for receiving patients. rescuing, assigning and allocating manpower to each appropriate shift so that after each night, many employees are too tired to think about what the next live session will be like !!! “.

One opinion stated: “I do not know if the ministry leaders read these words or not, I hope the Ministry will listen to the medical staff more, the hospital brothers’ lives are facing too many difficulties. The pressure is so stressful but the economy doesn’t have it. People keep telling each other to go to work because of passion. Actually, I worked so much that my wife was bored and didn’t bother to ask why. Please also go, move to another place because they could not stand it. Actually, to this point, in every medical staff, we are bored, bored of not wanting to contribute and really what keeps us. At this time I was working at the hospital just because of the two words “Bach Mai”.

Bach Mai Hospital: 51% of the staff are satisfied with their leadership - Photo 2.

Some employee comments- Screenshot

In addition, many opinions complained about the hospital’s new management not listening to the wishes of the workers. “Employees do not feel secure to work and enthusiastically dedicate themselves to the hospital compared to the previous period. Many new decisions of hospital leaders make staff worried, insecure or frustrated: Decisions about splitting, merging, dissolving, establishing new medical units in the hospital was sudden and emotional, the demolition of many areas, the cutting of old trees in the hospital, the abolition of the cafeteria … There were many wrong decisions. The recruitment of other people to work is very subjective, there are no clear criteria, not respecting and taking advantage of the gray matter of the elders, high intellectuals of the hospital. bossy, disrespectful, impolite … “- an opinion reflects.

Bach Mai Hospital: 51% of the staff are satisfied with their leadership - Photo 3.

Bach Mai Hospital Campus

The assessment of the comprehensive satisfaction index of the hospital only reached 15.3% after the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment (Ministry of Health) consulted the satisfaction survey at Bach Mai Hospital, the representative of the leader of the Disease Bach Mai Institute believes that the figure of 15% of comprehensive satisfaction in the pressurized environment, the decrease in income is quite high.

“The Ministry of Health says that comprehensive satisfaction, that is absolute satisfaction, nothing to worry about, the hospital meets all staff’s requirements. If considered in such a difficult hospital context, pressure Thus, the income is reduced, the hard work is stressful, the pressure of inspection, supervision, the income is halved … the number of such satisfaction is higher than expected “- this person said.

This position said that an ordinary doctor, if going out to work is paid more than 100 million while here so hard, so hard, so hard, earning 10-20 million, how can Satisfied. “Satisfaction has many factors: The income must be good, but the income is not all; second, the work environment must be comfortable, not stressful, no pressure. Everyone wants free work, high income. So the story works in a stressful, hard, low-income environment, then surely not satisfied, or if satisfied, it is not accurate. Entering low but satisfied is not convincing. To achieve absolute satisfaction as the transcripts of the Ministry of Health put out is very difficult “- said the hospital representative.

He also said that the biggest desire of the hospital is for all staff to accompany, put patient’s satisfaction first, and there will be more and more patients. The patient is the customer, there are customers who will earn income. The bottlenecks on the financial mechanism will be proposed to the Government and the Ministry of Health to remove.

Bach Mai Hospital: 51% of the staff are satisfied with their leadership - Photo 4.

Nurses at Bach Mai Hospital take care of patients after the intervention – Photo: Thanh Duong

The view of the hospital management board is that the patient must be the client, the hospital determines that the patient is the customer to feed the hospital, so the patient’s interests must be put first and must provide the best service for the patient. sick as you can. Of course, with staff, the hospital leaders also make maximum efforts to increase income to achieve employee satisfaction. “In the past, only department leaders could have birthdays, but now all hospital staff receive messages from the leaders and 300,000 VND. Even on the occasion of March 8, even men also receive congratulatory messages from the leaders. Recently, nearly 1,300 people who are not on the payroll have received the salary level 3-4 and enjoy the full allowances like those on a payroll, while previously only received 85% of the salary level 1 “- he cited.

Hospital leaders said that spending on staff increased by 6% last year, high-income people decreased, low-income increased, especially nurses and nurses. In addition, the hospital Board of Directors also requested an increase in responsibility as the head of the unit. In the past, if the department was evaluated as “badly”, the leadership was also excellent, but now in the right spirit, with excellent units, the dean will be excellent, if the faculty completes well, the leaders just finished well. Such reforms struck the responsibility of chief.

“Hospitals always aim at employee satisfaction, all of which, before implementing any policy, always communicate first, when there is a problem, always survey to adjust accordingly. New policy is very difficult to please everyone. If there are some dissatisfied opinions but the policy is necessary if change is necessary, it is necessary to drastically do it. this says.

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