Audiences thank Den Vau’s music for helping change a ‘smashing rock’ addict.

Rapper Black Buffalo – Photo: FBNV

* Crowds of people wait in line for a ‘lonely’ photo. In dalat

Da Lat city has more and more eye-catching decorative places, causing fever for tourists. In some places, visitors line up dozens of meters long or jostle for a beautiful location to admire or take pictures.

On a group association for people interested in traveling in Da Lat, a photo of a Facebook account Nguyen Trong Tai has an interesting view of virtual living while traveling makes viewers excited.

Viewers thank Den Vau's music for helping change a rock addict - Photo 2.

The photo shows a row of tourists waiting to take pictures in the area dedicated to “virtual living” – Photo: Facebook

Under the comments, one account commented on the photo: “Lonely but not lonely”. And a few other comments: “Too tired. So never like someone who takes a travel photo like this”, “Oh, I’m not that lonely”, “It’s so painful” .. .

Besides, there is also the view that spending time and effort to have beautiful photos to share on social networks has become a habit for many young people on each trip. This is no longer a strange story to criticize or condemn.

Viewers thank Den Vau's music for helping change a rock addict - Photo 3.

Da Lat provides rich photographic scenes for visitors to comfortably “act” – Photo: Quang Dinh

* The latest Cong Tri collection in the magazine Vogue

Cong Tri is considered the oldest brother of the Vietnamese fashion village because of his relentless creativity. Recently, the original designer in Da Nang continued to introduce the FW / 2021 collection published on the world’s leading fashion magazine. Vogue.

Viewers thank Den Vau's music for helping change a rock addict - Photo 4.

Model Quynh Anh – Photo: FBNV

Audiences thank Den Vau's music for helping change a rock addict - Photo 5.

Two foreign models Svitlana and Masha – Photo: FBNV

Do not go deep into the impressive formations or sophisticated gluing techniques for stunning designs, FW / 2021 Cong Tri’s diversity with many different styles and designs honor the female body.

The collection evokes a strong spirit, mastering the woman’s body with designs that are both stylish and elegant.

Up to now, about 100 international stars have chosen to dress designer Cong Tri’s costumes at major entertainment events. as Beyoncé, Camila Cabello, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Khloé Kardashian, Rosé, Yangtze, Rita Ora, Katy Perry …

* Audiences thank Den Vau for the rapper’s music for changing a person

Viewers thank Den Vau's music for helping change a rock addict - Photo 6.

The rapper Den Vau received love from the audience through the rap songs as it speaks the hearts of young people in modern life today – Photo: FBNV

On social media, a message from an audience member for the rap God, I don’t want to die of Black Vau suddenly received tens of thousands of likes and comments from netizens.

God, I don’t want to die posted on YouTube by rapper Den Vau from January 2016, it has now reached more than 13 million views.

With lyrics about the regret of a young person not being able to do what he wants, the song was once a favorite soundtrack in the movie. It’s morning, let’s go to sleep directed by Chung Chi Cong.

“Once I cried in the middle of my life / Crying myself and then crying for her / Dreaming of going to heaven / Just the day we leave, the day our mind does not regret much “. The rap is like a friend to those who are falling into a feeling of uncertainty and uncertainty on the path of youth.

‘Oh God I do not want to die’ of Black Vau – Source: Black Vau

“To Black a thank you because sometimes Black does not know how my music has influenced listeners. I have a younger brother, 2-3 years ago he” smashed the rocks “, jabbery all day thinking about games, sex and drugs. I advise a lot, but everyone knows that if 100 people get involved, one can quit.

When he dropped the rock, he suffered from severe depression due to his lack of excitement when he lacked stimulants. Then I see it continuously listening to this song. Perhaps the lyrics at the beginning of the song changed it. He loves his family more, lives with more goals and ambitions.

It restarted his life as a dishwasher because he did not have a degree, 3 million monthly salary. But he did not give up, he played sports, got the kitchen assistant. It is perfectionist and studious, progressive. From washing dishes to the kitchen assistant, then the main kitchen in a provincial restaurant. He determined to go to Saigon to learn more Japanese kitchen. And now is the main kitchen of a famous Japanese restaurant here.

He confided to himself that thanks to this song by Black, it has more motivation to change. It does not want to die in a coma and when there are too many things to be done, “commented Kien Nguyen.

* Many entertainment events continue to be postponed due to COVID-19 outbreaks

The organizers of the program “Rockfest 2021: The Return” announced the postponement of the music night scheduled to take place on May 8 in Ho Chi Minh City.

“Postponing the event is something no one wants … It is difficult to make this decision, we hope to continue to receive the audience’s sharing and support of the public health action. this time before the epidemic COVID-19 “- said the organizers.

Through the social network, singer Le Cat Trong Ly also announced that the meeting “The List of Ly” on May 14 will be postponed, so that audiences and artists can meet in a more secure and happy manner. looks more.

According to the source of Youth OnlineHue traditional craft festival scheduled to be held from May 29 to June 26 in Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province, is also considering postponing.


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