Artist Hong Van deeply regrets the ‘misleading’ advertisement

The image of Hong Van advertising an effervescent tablet to help “beat fibroids and cysts” is still available on the brand’s portals – Screenshot

Artist Hong Van has just publicly apologized for the omission in checking the credibility of the product when participating in advertising and delay in verifying information with partners and brands.

Accordingly, Hong Van commented that this product has the effect of making the tumor in their body smaller, the disease is relieved without surgery. But in the reality, This product is just a normal health food, not a medicine that can cure disease.

Before accepting the advertisement, I looked at the relevant documents such as the business license and the product certificate that met the standards of the competent state agency. Seeing enough, I trusted the product, even bought it for home use.

However, the promotional video causes consumers to misunderstand the product as a medicine instead of just a functional food, or the product quality is not as advertised, making the audience angry” – Hong Van present.

Previously, at the end of April 2021, Hong Van announced on her social network her contract with the above brandIt is valid from September 20, 2020 to December 20, 2020. After the contract ended, Ms no longer advertise this product.

After that, however, Hong Van’s advertising images continue to be used, even fake. Hong Van contacted directly and the brand confirmed that the pages were fake.

After this incident, Hong Van will take note of everyone’s comments and suggestions and consider this a valuable lesson for herself: “I will be more careful with my statements and always be self-confident.” try harder to become a perfect artist in both capacity and work ethic, worthy of the audience’s trust”.

Hong Van also expressed his wish to the artist world learn from experience to limit similar mistakes in the future, affecting the prestige and admiration and trust of the public.


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