Apartment with dual view at The Origami Park

Ho Chi Minh CityThe apartments at The Origami Park own a dual view (Dual View) covering the city and the green natural scenery of the Japanese garden.

Bearing the symbol of “Japanese spirit, green living standard”, The Origami Park is considered by the owner as the “fold” to complete the “artwork” of The Origami at Vinhomes Grand Park.

“Happiness always needs a couple, The Origami Park gives customers the opportunity to double the experience of a peaceful green living standard in the heart of Thu Duc new city. Most of the apartments in the subdivision have an open view towards the direction of the city. This place is well-invested, sophisticatedly arranged, from red wooden bridges, rare Tung La Han, Koi fish ponds, stone towers, waterfalls… all reached the pinnacle of technology. garden art of the land of Phu Tang”, said the investor.

The “green area” at The Origami Park is more immense when owning a chain of resort-style internal parks, combined with a 36ha grand park of Vinhomes Grand Park. Adding to the natural colors at The Origami Park is the river system of Rainbow Park and Ba Di canal.

The Origami Park owns dual visions with extended utility facilities, stretching green areas.

Here, residents not only own a panoramic view of the city, but also relax with a series of special ecological landscapes right in front of their eyes, bringing a happy and fulfilling life every day.

In addition, the subdivision also has a chain of resort parks connecting the Japanese garden; The large green area inside The Origami Park (S6) extends with The Origami Sun (S7); Outside the area is Rainbow Park stretching along the green Ba Di canal

In addition to the green utility chain, The Origami Park also features a variety of apartment product models, including 1PN+1, 2PN+1 studio apartments suitable for each separate family group. Designed in the style of “all-in-one” to optimize space, each apartment has a smart living space, maximum open space, accompanied by an operating management model that is applied the most advanced 4.0 technology. top of the world.

“When living space is not only ‘plus 1’ by the type of apartment, the value of living is not only measured in square meters, The Origami Park is ‘multiplied n’ by a world filled with experiences for residents. all ages,” the investor said.

At The Origami Park, children are free to play and grow up with outdoor swimming pools and children’s playgrounds; the elderly can rest and relax in the garden of meditation and relaxation in a green space; Teenagers get physical exercise at the sports complex as well as connect with a generation of modern residents in Vinhomes Grand Park. All together create a prosperous lifestyle and sublime happiness.

Perspective of the interior of the project.

Perspective of the interior of the project.

Currently, the investor applies a preferential sales policy, a breakthrough payment solution for customers to reduce financial pressure, relax in payment, so that each resident can fully enjoy family happiness. in a world-class residential environment.

Specifically, Studio, 1PN, 2PN, 3PN apartments and +1 apartments of 1PN+1, 2PN+1, 3PN+1 are supported by the investor applying the Vinhomes Priority policy to borrow up to 100% of the price. apartment value with 0% interest support up to 11 months after handing over. In addition, the loan term of up to 35 years also relieves the initial financial pressure and is suitable for many investment options of customers. Along with that, customers have the opportunity to receive VinFast car vouchers worth up to VND 200 million when buying an apartment at The Origami during this time.

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