Another 327 cases of Covid-19 in 24 hours, Bac Giang has more than 5,000 cases

Steering Committee for epidemic prevention and control Covid-19 Bac Giang province said that as of 19:00 on June 17, this province recorded 5,007 cases of Covid-19 (only on June 17, 327 cases occurred); F1 is 25,748 cases and F2 is 95,112 cases.

Tests were carried out at the Bac Giang Center for Disease Control – Photo: Ngoc Thanh

The additional number of F0 cases is still related to the industrial zone outbreak in the province. The new cases are mainly workers, the cases are related to workers. However, during the day, a new outbreak arose in Bang Cong village, Kien Thanh commune, Luc Ngan district, through community screening tests, 9 positive cases were detected.

The reason for the high number of F0 cases announced on June 17 was determined that recently, Bac Giang province has tested over 1.6 million samples, mobilizing many units to perform RT testing. -PCR to promptly control the epidemic. The synthesis of results from many clues with a large number of samples is difficult and inconsistent.

In addition, some testing units have infected machines, have to stop for decontamination and rerun the test sample; and send samples to other testing units for verification. Therefore, it takes a long time to review and determine the patient’s test results, the completion of basic information to announce the case is not timely, while the patient has been taken to the hospital. treatment facility.

Currently, the matching process is still ongoing and will be completed by June 19 or June 20 at the latest and there will be an additional number of F0s to be announced. Besides, in these days, Bac Giang province is putting all its efforts to fight the epidemic, speeding up daily testing of quarantined people (over 15,000 people are in 270 concentrated isolation areas), so there will still be arise cases where F1 becomes F0.

In the next 2 to 3 days, Bac Giang province directs to continue reviewing the entire patient database to update and supplement. At the same time, the province has drastically directed the strict management of concentrated isolation areas, implemented maximum distance in concentrated isolation areas and blockade areas to minimize cross-infection, because Therefore, the number of published cases is mainly those that have been treated in time, with the patient code added after reviewing the data; The number of new cases is mainly in the isolation area, but it is not high and tends to decrease gradually.

Another 327 cases of Covid-19, Bac Giang has more than 5,000 cases - Photo 2.

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