An additional 14 cases were positive for SARS-CoV-2, testing 15,000 people at night

Facing the epidemic Covid-19 is very complicated, there are unpredictable developments, on the evening of May 7, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Bac Ninh Nguyen Huong Giang has a document on the implementation of measures to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic.

The epidemic situation in Bac Ninh province is happening very complicatedly. – Photo: Bac Ninh

Accordingly, up to now, the whole province of Bac Ninh has recorded 29 cases of Covid-19 (an increase of 14 cases compared to the statistic of 12 noon 7-5 of the Department of Health of Bac Ninh province), of which: Thuan Thanh district ( 20 cases), Tien Du district (5 cases), Tu Son town (2 cases), Bac Ninh city (1 shift), Luong Tai district (1 shift). The whole province has now traced 556 cases of F1, 4,026 cases of F2.

Chairman of Bac Ninh province directed the evening of May 7, Bac Ninh Department of Health to take samples for more than 15,000 people in Mao Dien commune.

Facing the above situation, it is required that the heads of localities must be highly concentrated, not too confused but absolutely not subjective and lax.

Every hour, every minute must grasp the situation, forecast the worst, be proactive and creative in time, and propose effective measures to control and prevent the epidemic from spreading.

For 5 districts, towns, Thuan Thanh City, Tien Du, Luong Tai, Tu Son and Bac Ninh, Chairman of Bac Ninh province requires the Chairman of the People’s Committee of districts, towns and city to put all resources and solutions. to thoroughly handle “outbreaks” and high-risk areas in the locality. Take advantage of every hour, every minute to trace the fastest, fastest, especially not to miss, zoning, quarantine, thoroughly stamping out epidemic, testing on a large scale, not to spread to the whole area and other areas. another district.

For areas that have established medical isolation zones, they must be strictly controlled, prevent people from entering and leaving in accordance with the spirit of “internal irreversibility – foreign entry”. Inside the quarantine area, households have to isolate house from house, people must not exchange …

In order to effectively implement epidemic prevention and control measures, Bac Ninh province has focused drastically on synchronous implementation of solutions: Strictly implementing the Central’s instructions, readying response scenarios; ensure the maintenance of the “dual” goal of preventing and combating epidemics in association with socio-economic development; continue to speed up the tracing of F1, F2, F3 cases related to the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Hospital K at Tan Trieu Campus, perform isolation and conduct extensive testing according to the guidance of the Ministry. Medical.

Raising capacity for SARS-CoV-2 testing by Realtime PCR method in public and non-public units in the province; continue to tighten, channel and divide lines in medical examination and treatment; Strengthen random testing for health workers and 100% of patients and inpatients at medical facilities to ensure infection control, waste management, and environmental sanitation. with the guidance of the Ministry of Health, absolutely not to allow cross-contamination in medical examination and treatment establishments and in isolated concentrated areas. Ready to deploy treatment of mildly positive patients in Dermatology Hospital, Mental Health Hospital and field hospitals.

14 more positive cases of SARS-CoV-2, testing 15,000 people at night - Photo 2.

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